Successor to the T-Mobile G1 – This is the T-Mobile G2!

Or, rather, this is the T-Mobile G2 mockup!

The T-Mobile G1 has barely started to hit retail channels, and we’re already seeing mockups of the next-generation Android smartphone from T-Mobile. The mockup you see here is supposed to be the successor to the T-Mobile G1, logically dubbed the T-Mobile G2.

The mockup is more of an evolution in design than a next-gen successor to the still green-behind-the-ears G1, but we’re fans of this mockup just the same. Selling itself on giving the user more screen real estate, a smaller “chin,” and enhanced web browsing capabilities, the T-Mobile GII is definitely a head-turner. The mockup demonstrates the current T-Mobile G1’s weaknesses, but also gives us something to look forward to with a next-generation Android handset.

Take a gander at the mockups below and twiddle your thumbs in anticipation of the T-Mobile G1’s true successor.

T-Mobile GII is more sleek and offers a larger, flush display

T-Mobile GII is more sleek and offers a larger, flush display

High-resolution widgets look nice

High-resolution widgets look nice

[Via: TalkAndroid]

Thanks, Tarek!

  • dexter korto

    this is so fake

  • jj50

    are you kidding? this is such a piece of garbage, waste of bandwidth post. wtf? do you really think that the next android phone is going to look exactly like the first one? turn off your server and go get a job as lawyer or something – your blog is done. the next android phone will be different, duh. it would be marketing suicide to release this "G2." shame on you for posting this crap.

  • TareX

    t-mobile G2, G3 and G4 have already been purchased by T-Mobile, OFFICIALLY.

    The HTC HD was built with WM in mind… It's a rumor that even Engadget didn't bother posting 🙂 The G2 image above is obviously a mockup! Nobody says it was the real deal 🙂

  • Mike

    This is how the g2 should look like, if Google decide to go with the htc HD THEY WILL make a huge marketing error; the buyers don't want another iphone competitor that you can barely text on, they want a Google phone 2 for ***** sake. Besides to all you ignorants out there who want the HTC HD as G2 your dream will "unfortunately" not come true because the Google has already stated that there will be an Android 2.0 software with the release of the G2, so the HD is too early. IN UR FACE! 🙂

  • Ronnah

    Why would anybody wanna the G2 when it's identical to the G1! Are ya'll stupid!?? Change it up alittle!!

  • Ronnah

    Why would anybody wanna BUY! I forgot that word!! LOL

  • Rogue

    If you want to beat an IPHONE, you must look like an Iphone..The TOUCH HD is the one that come closest to the IPHONE..Anything else may be bound to failure in competing with IPHONE..It’s all about how sleek you look..However ANDROID is more powerful than APPLE..Open platform..

  • JAY

    This actually is the new android phone for tmobile…they sent me a brochure about it in the mail. Dont know if its called the g2 but it is very similar 2 the g1 just wit a few extra features like a larger tilt AND flip screen with better resolution, if u notice in these pix it even has google reader running which is also a new feature. and yes it does still have a keyboard for all u qwerty lovers.

  • GUY

    i dont know really whats going on but the phone in the pics above are really nice of the g2 ive seen like 2 other photos of it and was wondering which ones are actually real but if its looks like the pics above am getting the g2 by the way when is this phone coming out.

    plan on getting it for my birthday.

  • angel

    this phone is dumb it is like the g1 but it bigger than it

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