Mirror app turns your iPhone/iPod Touch into a… mirror!

Juice Wireless has released a new iPhone app called Mirror. It’s a simple app that “transform your iPhone screen into your very own hand-held mirror.” Yeah, I know it sounds kinda stupid, but apparently they [Juice Wireless] have spent almost 8 month in R&D, developing technology to put a black background on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Sounds kinda silly, when you think about it.

Anyway, Mirror comes with 9 frames to choose from to let you check yourself out in style. Among the mirror frames available are “Sleek & Contemporary,” “Glamour & Glitz,” as well as the more feminine Vanity Mirror.

As I said, it’s a simple app, hence the price of $0.99. Here’s a link to the AppStore.

  • Teresa Marie Reynold

    Cool but LAME!!! So OLD school as I have been suggesting this forever but my ideas take it to a HOMELAND security INTEL Level! Word! So~Holla if you got a dolla! R-Qube Software

  • Allen Thompson

    What a rip-off – im suprised apple lets junk like this be sold.

  • crazythought

    I was thinking of building a similar app and google'd.. found this post…so there are people who think like me ..lol :))))

  • Eileen

    this is just a black background with a frame – complete waste of money

  • buddy

    horrible … thought it didn't work until I read this review…
    Now I know it just sucks!

  • egg sucking dog

    this has been near the top of iphone app sales for about a week now. Apparently people can't stop buying this despite the fact that the vast majority of reviews are 1-star by people crying that they have been ripped off.

    This is basically the best proof that has ever been presented that people are mindless idiots who act like sheep. Anyone who could read the text for this that they spent 8 months developing a black background and still buy this deserves the shame of owning this.

    That said, apple should probably reject apps like this that just blatantly lie in order to maintain some illusion of quality control.

    • meevis

      "Apparently people can't stop buying this despite the fact that the vast majority of reviews are 1-star by people crying that they have been ripped off. "
      and i went through the reviews to see how stupid people are for buying the app and many of the reviews say 'i have learned to read the reviews' i mean….DUH! thats what the reviews are for! AND the pictures in the description! they show a black screen! BUT i do agree that the first one is misleading…showing a perfect reflection…

      this proves that there is no economic depression in the US…people have so much money that spend money without using their head!

      and i think the developers are very smart…they're making millions!!! just making it off stupid people! then everyone gets pissed at them

      I am also surprised Apple allows such stupid apps like that to be placed on the app store…

      i have been tempted to just buy the app and write a review telling the stupid ppl how stupid they are!

      btw i just googled this to see what ppl were saying abt it 😛




  • Robert

    This program is fraud!!! For Apple to put the app up for sale on its store should make them a party to a class action suit for even allowing such a scam. I disagree with the reviews that say anyone who purchased was foolish. When you look at the picture in the advertisment of the lady putting lipstick on; it is a mirrror & you expect something similar. If Apple put up the pic of the new Ipad and you sent your money to order and received a slate w/ chalk I would imagine there would be an issue.
    Thanks Apple for displaying the reason most business users go for Microsoft. Good business practice requires you have integrety and allowing this shows your lack of it. It"s not the $,99 it's the principal of not allowing deceptive advertising on a corporate website.

  • Tim

    This is fraud – complete rubbish. Do not buy this!

  • frank altobello

    it's crap like they said i frame with a black screen where is the mirror this is the third ripoff app i bought the phone tracker is a ripoff too it don't trace the phone u r tracking it always says it is at my location i tried 2 both were ripoffs

  • Jonhathan

    LAME! Anybody who buys this app is a loser

  • Ariel

    THis was your idea

  • TED

    What more can be said. IT'S A RIP OFF PEOPLE!!!!!

  • Manoj

    Its a damn fucking application..

  • paying 99c for pictures of mirror frames against a black bg. woooow.

  • ocmonalisa

    Download Mirror Zoom app which is actually a camera showing your reflection (better than a mirror)

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