iPhone Firmware 2.2.1: Still No Copy/Paste… Arghh!

You may have read in a report from Will that iPhone firmware 2.2.1 has become available. Sure enough, after connecting my iPhone to the ol MBP and popping open iTunes, 2.2.1 was available for install. No major breakthroughs (or anything really interesting at all) are offered in the update… But there are a few small tweaks and changes to Safari and the Mail app. Nothing to write home about though.

Has anyone else reached the boiling point on the lack of copy/paste, or bluetooth file transfer capabilities? Or is it just me? I would suspect biggies like that will hit us at the WWDC in June, if they hit us at all… Anyone want to start taking bets if these features make their way into iPhone firmware by June? I’d say it’s even money at best at this point 😛

Note: To go hand-in-hand with the firmware update… The iPhone SDK has been updated to 2.2.1. Developers can login and download the latest version right here to begin developing on 2.2.1.

  • MJM

    I am absolutely frustrated by the lack of cut and paste. I would add to this the inability to search email messages and accept meeting invitations via email. These are basic capabilities that business people require in a mobile device. I’ve been waiting since July 2007 for these “features” to be added. After all, the great promise of the Iphone was that the software could always be updated…… yeah, like it will happen in my lifetime.
    Well, the clock is ticking and it ends when the Palm Pre comes out. No cut/past by that date means one less customer for Apple & AT&T. No Choice, no problem.

  • JT

    It’s a third digit (2.2.x) update, what did you expect?

  • Louis

    I guess they are waiting for their telepathy patent to be approved….

  • mwt

    I am in total agreement with MJM. These are basic capabilities for ANYONE, not just business people. Apple and AT&T are control fanatics. They won’t have me for long either if they don’t fix these basics!

    A former NASA engineer

  • Aravind

    I think Apple will offer a solution to all your problems soon, but on the next iPhone model !!!

  • Aravind

    I would also love to see updates soon with some new features, not only copy/paste!

  • emsee

    Copy and paste on iPhone is available by installing clippy. It adds cut copy paste and clipboard to the system; text only.

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