Verizon preparing $100 Novatel MiFi 2200 Portable HotSpot?

The credit card-sized Novatel MiFi Portable 3G HotSpot might very well change the way mobile road-warriors work from the, well, road. Unfortunately, we really have little clue as to when the MiFi is going to launch in the US. Amid talk of Sprint and Verizon picking up the Novatel MiFi in CDMA-guise, Engadget Mobile is claiming to be privy to some info that has Verizon Wireless launching the Verizon MiFi sometime after May 10. We’re also hearing that the Verizon MiFi will be hitting market with an on-contract price tag of $100.

The Novatel MiFi’s subsidized price tag is probably the best news we’ve heard yet about the portable hotspot. We’ve been digging on the MiFi’s promise to brings hours and hours worth of 3G data connectivity and microSD card slot for a while, but the potentially prohibitive price tag was a concern. At just a C-note, we’re looking forward to getting our own MiFi in the near future – as in a couple weeks.

[Via: EngadgetMobile]

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  • monglo

    this is great. I hope that it is low enough to encourage people to buy.

    the issue is going to be convincing people of its use and effectiveness.

    it is not immediately apparent to your average person what this thing even does.

    when they understand that it is basically a combo cable modem and router that allows you to connect to the internet wirelessly anywhere, giving you the ability to connect a bunch of devices that use WiFi…

    I think it will sell like hot cakes.

    I think it is only a matter of time before it is incorporated into cars.


    get rid of that ridiculous 5 gigabyte limit on wireless data plans imposed by all carriers.

    “unlimited” should mean unlimited, especially for a plan that costs > $100 per month!

  • Sedric James

    Here is a thought – Sprint and Palm won’t release a date because they are going head to head with the IPhone – they need to see what’s in the new phone so they can Market accordingly. They had a big expensive Marketing flop with the Instinct saying it was the 1st IPhone killer advertising all that the IPhone didnt have and the Instinct does. Then the IPhone is release and it has GPS – a APP store and many upgrades that were great, and Sprint didnt expect that. The Pre is a great phone on its on from the video’s that I have seen- my guess is that Palm wants to pull the 1st gen IPhone users- well I had the 1st IPhone and I brought the Instinct for my son — after using it we gave it back to Sprint and got the 2nd gen IPhone…. Althought I want to get out of my AT&T plan many will feel like me and port there number over to get the Pre.. Not because the phone is sooooo much better but because I hate AT&T high ass rates……

  • Thomas J. Crawford

    Does the Novatel MiFi 2200 Portable HotSpot cost $100 per month?

  • Carol Sibley

    I study malaria and travel a lot to Europe, SE Asia and various places in Africa. Does anyone know whether the Novatel MiFi Portable Intelligent HotSpot would be likely to work in fairly remote places? Cell phones are remarkably ubiquitous even in rural Africa, but I have no idea whether this device could provide mobile broad band under those circumstances..
    Does anyone have insight into this?

  • Jeff

    I picked up the Mifi for $65.00 at Best Buy/w 2 year contract. 5 gigs for $59.99 a month.
    Bring on unlimited for $69.00 a month, if not I’ll have to stick under 5g’s .05 per meg over.

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