BlackBerry Storm 2 Gets Another Round of Photos

The same guy who dropped off some BlackBerry Storm 2 pictures for CrackBerry last night saved a few for Engadget, giving us a clearer look at the sides, as well as under the battery hood. The pics more or less speak for themselves, but we do wonder what the SurePress is going to be like on this one. Plenty of people still can’t get used to the idea of a clicking touchscreen, but a second round at the device would give RIM a chance to fine-tune to the experience to something a little more palatable. Having a single flush screen which incorporates the soft keys (like we’re seeing in the 8520 Gemini) and rubberized side keys are the newest trends in RIM’s upcoming devices, and if nothing else, gives BlackBerry a few style points.

[via Engadget]

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