Video: Nokia E72 accidentally makes an early appearance on YouTube

Nokia Conversations, a blog officially run by Nokia, accidentally posted a video to YouTube that showcases the Nokia E72. It looks very similar to the E71, but has a 5 megapixel camera. Judging by the repeated swipe gestures on the D pad, it may have an optical mouse. The headphone jack also appears to have been moved to the top of the device similar to how it appears on the Nokia E63, versus the E71 having it on the side; hopefully it will be 3.5 mm so we can use standard headphones! It also appears that it will be available in three colors. That’s about all the information we have at the moment. Enjoy it before the people in Espoo come into work Monday morning and take it down. Oh and if they do take it down, I uploaded it to my Daily Motion account.

Update: The YouTube video has been set to private, but never mind that:

And for those who want the 21.4 MB HD version of the video above, grab it here. A few screen grabs of this HD version after the jump.






  • kornell

    E71 looks better

  • ian

    it’s like more bold…

  • name

    The iphone, bold, metal trim doesn’t jive with the rest of the phone in my opinion. Looks like they tried to too hard to be creative, and turned out technical.

  • zrce

    wow cool phone. when can i buy it in germany

  • Za3mOn

    w00t! shiny! i love E71 n of course, i’ll love this one too 😉

  • MaXeR

    Good news: D-pad looks like Sony Ericsson X1 ! 😀

    Bad news : Not S60 v5 .. not touch ! 🙁

  • Hua Chen

    Fantastic mobile phone, hope I could have one!

  • ScottF

    It does have the 3.5mm jack!! I really like the option of the optical pad and the d-pad. This phone is perfect!! Eyeing the gold one!! =]

  • ??

    can Nokia make any creative idea?
    what if e72 bring some new ID ?

  • Jason

    E71 looks nicer, but I would probably still buy the E71 for the optical sensor because I hate trying to navigate using buttons. I also like the built in compass in the E72. The upgraded camera would also be nice, although I like the camera on the E71 when the lighting is right.

    • Jason

      I meant to say I would probably still buy the E72 for the optical sensor…

  • ariev

    good hp. create better internet access with no previous series.

  • Stewart

    In 1987 my first cell phone was two pounds, a very large battery and only worked away from my truck for thirty minutes. These phones are amazing, I have E71 and think its incredible. I tried the E72 and its my way forward.

  • Nikhil

    wow what a phone

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