Nokia 3720 leaks: Espoo’s first water and dust proof mobile, due in September


What you’re looking at is supposedly the Nokia 3720. It’s going to either be announced, or start shipping, in September and is Nokia’s first handset that meets the IP54 specification for being both water and dust proof. Useful for ladies who constantly drop their devices in the toilet, or people who regularly role play the Dune series. This is all rumor of course, Mobile Cowboys can be wrong about all of this. If it is a 3000 series device, expect it to run S40 and not have too many interesting features.

  • Julie

    “Useful for ladies who constantly drop their devices in the toilet”.

    wow what a sexist comment…

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Ask your guy friends and your girl friends about having a mobile in the toilet experience and you’ll see my statement is not sexist, but actual fact.

  • Originalas

    Even if it’s working, Maybe it’s better to pretend the phone is not working after you drop it to the toilet. 😀

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