BlackBerry 9700, Garmin Nuvifone G60, HTC Tilt 2 and HTC Pure coming to AT&T soon

The Boy Genius received some bits of information that AT&T customers may be interested to know about:

The lesson to learn here kids is that all of the above devices, except for the BlackBerry 9700, could have been could have been in your pockets right now if you purchased them unlocked instead of waiting for your operator to buy a few boxes from the manufacture, tweak the software, and then resell it to you with significant markup in a pretty AT&T box.

Update: Someone just sent Engadget a photo of the Tilt 2:

  • IwantToKnow

    nice but numbers on the keyboard not a big fan. they should of just have gone with the original keyboard and the chrome looks nice also but whats going to suck is when it starts to chip off and scratch but overall i think this one and verizons version look the best of all four and wm 6.5 basically tells us the launch date is more toward november

  • PARC

    The PURE does not have a physical keyboard, and is not a rebranded snap….

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