Palm Pixi announced the same day as Apple’s Rock and Roll event, will anyone notice?

The Palm Pixi has been officially announced. Take the Palm Pre in the current state, remove WiFi, remove 80 pixels of vertical resolution, downgrade the camera, add support for Yahoo! and LinkedIn syncing, a preinstalled Facebook application, and badda boom, you’ve got the Pixi. To be more specific about the specifications:

  • 2.63-inch multi-touch screen, 18-bit color, 320×400 resolution
  • GPS
  • 2 megapixel fixed focus camera
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • 8 GB of storage built in
  • Qualcomm MSM7627 chipset
  • 55 mm x 111 mm x 10.85 mm; 99.5 grams
  • Price not announced, but it will be out by the holiday season on Sprint

It’s hard to get excited about this since it is on Sprint’s network and therefore¬†unavailable¬†to a global audience. There will be a limited edition set of the Pixi dubbed the “Palm Pixi Artist Series” that are nothing more than customized back covers. It has already been reviewed by Engadget, with lots of photos and videos, and their conclusion seems to be the keyboard is better than the Pre, it’s a solid device, but it’s a shame it’s only on Sprint.

More hands on impressions are also available from Slashgear and PreCentral:

[Press Release]

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