U.S. Cellular launches My Contacts Backup for smartphones

U.S. Cellular - My Contacts Backup

U.S. Cellular has recently launched My Contacts Backup for smartphones, allowing users to create and share groups of contacts with other U.S. Cellular customers.

From the press release:

U.S. Cellular customers have the ability to group friends, colleagues and family members into contact lists, which can be easily shared with others. Whenever a list is updated, changes are then pushed out to all who share that list, allowing everyone up-to-date contact information. The application is built on Asurion Mobile Applications’ next-generation Mobile Solutions Platform (MSP 2.0), which provides customers with the power to easily share the user-generated content stored on their mobile phones with other U.S. Cellular customers.

The service works completely over-the-air, removing the need to plug in your phone to a computer. You can, however, use your computer to view, manage, edit, and print contacts; as well as import them from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Yahoo! Contacts, which can come quite handy… More information is available from this page on U.S. Cellular’s website.

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