Video: Symbian CEO Lee Williams has balls the size of planet Mars

SEE 2009 is coming up, Symbian’s yearly exposition. I went to the previous two, but I’m not going to attend the one this year. It’s more of a business to business event, and while it would be awesome to see my UK friends, I’m in bootstrapping mode for a project you’ll hear about in Q1 2010. That aside, the CEO of Symbian, Lee Williams, drops some quotes in his interview with Om Malik that make the edges of my lips curl slightly upwards to form a grin. You just have to hear the stuff that comes out of his mouth when he talks about Google and Android:

[Via: All About Symbian]

  • Erik

    I don’t think his comments are that special or require big balls to say them. He is just reflecting on the business model of google and why google is doing android.

    In fact, the comments that would require balls are from the interviewer who tries to lay words in his mouth like ‘your hatred of android’ and ‘android being more evil than iphone’ and these are not words by Williams.

  • Murat

    Symbian is the platform of KINGS, you hear me?

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