Photos of the SIM card tray from the 4th generation iPhone out in the wild

The iPhone is the only mobile device I know of that has a SIM card tray. Insert a paper clip into a small hole, out pops a piece of plastic designed to hold your SIM card, lay your SIM inside, shove the tray back in, and boom, start dialing AT&T customer service and ask them why you keep on getting dropped calls. The photo above depicts what is supposedly the SIM card tray for the next iPhone. According to China Ontrade, who says the tray comes directly from Foxconn, the new part is 3.22 mm taller and 21.7 mm wider than the SIM tray in the iPhone 3GS, which would mean that an iPhone with a larger screen is due to be released. In the photo below, China Ontrade shows the new SIM tray compared to the old one.

click the image for full size

click the image for full size

Is Apple going to replace the iPhone 3GS so soon or are they simply planning on expanding the family with a larger device? Time will tell.

[Via: Engadget]

  • Terry

    Maybe it’s for Apples eBook Reader instead of the iPhone.

  • jurbina15

    Sounds like a great idea! Make calls with a damn tablet!

  • Matt

    I was thinking the same thing… very possibly for the tablet device they are developing although at their annual release of new iphone products it would be stupid to think they wouldn’t already be working on the 4th gen…

  • Don Reese

    I think it’s pretty obvious that the dimensions mentioned are wrong – the new tray isn’t 3.22mm wider, it’s 3.22mm wide, versus what looks to be about 1.75mm on the prior generation. Likewise the width.

  • Ed

    From the picture, it looks as if the new tray would sit on top of the device. I’m thinking this because of the beveled edges, the tray would have no way of clearing the surrounding area unless the who thing just sits on top of the case. The only explanation I would be able to come up with would be if the Iphone case has been redesigned to support the SIM tray flush mounted with the back of the Iphone as opposed to centered on the top middle of the phone.

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