US Airways sucks a little less with Aircell Gogo in-flight WiFi

Ask anyone who’s been unfortunate enough to fly US Airways and you’ll likely hear the words “sucks” and “big time” used in conjunction at least a couple times in their subsequent tirade. So, in a bid to make their air travel experience a little less shitty more bearable, the airline has finally caught up to modern times and is bringing in-flight internet to its customers. Over the next few months, US Airways will be outfitting its fleet of Airbus A321’s with Aircell’s Gogo in-flight WiFi systems that will allow jet-setters to hop on the web from 10,000 feet in the air.

US Airways is aiming for June 2010 to complete its Gogo WiFi roll-out. The company plans to have Gogo service fully up and running on all 51 of its A321 jets by June. In the meantime, US Airways will put a WiFi symbol on the exterior of each plane and throughout the cabin to indicate that it has Gogo on board. Once the entire A321 fleet has been Gogo-enabled, US Airways will indicate which planes have in-flight internet connectivity at the time of booking through its website.

As for pricing, expect to pay $4.95 for up to 1.5 hours of web-surfing time, $9.95 for up to 3 hours, and $12.95 for any session longer than 3 hours when using your laptop on a domestic flight. Smartphones and other WiFi-capable mobile devices will be offered up to 1.5 hours of internet for $4.95, and $7.95 for longer domestic flights. The bargain here is obviously the smartphone option.

There are currently a total of five A321 planes in the US Airways fleet that can boast internet connectivity through the Gogo in-flight WiFi service. If you find yourself on one of those planes, and you have a laptop or smartphone handy, US Airways will give you a free internet session. The offer is only good to first-time Gogo users and will only be valid until June 1, 2010. Too bad you have to actually fly US Airways to get that free Gogo session.

[Via: Aircell]

  • Ramesh

    This is the worst every ailine, in my experience of flying for over 15 years. We had a confirmed booked for a vacation with my family from ISLIP to Flagstaff.

    They fly us into Philadelphia (the first leg) and bump us off, we did not agree to get bumped off, they forcibly bumped us off because they were overbooked and give us a voucher, which is worth a little more than toilet paper, because I will never fly with these idiots every again. On top of adding insult to injury they would not give us a hotel room or anything, and I had to find 3 different agents to get a hotel booking.

    And then I had to spend several hours on phone finding an alternate flight for the next day to Phoenix, they would not give me a flight to Flagstaff!!

    And I had to book a car from Phoenix and drive four hours to go to Flagstaff, in the meanwhile my baggage has already arrived in Flagstaff. We had no dress to wear a 9 year old hungry kid crying her eyes out about losing a chance of seeing Grand Canyon.

    When I call them to make sure that I would be able to pick my baggage from Flagstaff, to my chagrin I reach Flagstaff and the airport is closed!! we had to spend another night without a change of clothes.

    When I finally return back and file for a claim for the damages they caused and the refund for my air fare for the unused portion of the Phoenix Flagstaff and then asking them to also refund the car rental I had to pay, I receive a callous email saying that they will not give me a refund of my car booking but also say that they will consider!!! (look at the nerve) refunding my unused portion of the tickets for Flagstaff.

    This is the worse airways in the entire United States and should be banned from doing business and should be reported as a Bad Business.

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