Video: iPad pairing with Apple Bluetooth keyboard

Say you want to to use your iPad to type out a fairly long email or a dissertation on why the iPad should support Flash and third-party app multitasking. Trying to do that on the onscreen virtual keyboard could prove tedious. So, what do you do? Do what we did and just pair your Bluetooth keyboard to your iPad.

Unlike it’s spiritual predecessor, the iPhone, the iPad can connect with a wireless keyboard via Bluetooth. You can even use wireless keyboards you already own, like the Apple Bluetooth keyboard in this video. Once paired, the iPad won’t display its virtual onscreen keyboard when you tap on any text field. It knows that you probably prefer to use the Bluetooth keyboard sitting on your desk or lap, and hides the soft keyboard to free up screen real estate. In portrait mode, typing out emails or editing word documents feels a lot like writing on a glowing sheet of futuristic notebook paper.

Best of all, pairing the keyboard is easy and fast. Check out the video and see for yourself!

  • JMS

    Good video, but I’ve found like others, that if you already have an Apple wireless keyboard, like the one I’m typing this comment on, then it is likely already paired with another device prior to getting your iPad…. like in my case a MacBook Pro. The iPad will not find it, even if you are trying to pair far away from the currently paired Macbook. You need to disconnect, or even remove (using the “-” option) from the MacBook’s Bluetooth setup options before the iPad will pick it up to pair, and then you need to do the same thing if you want to switch back to the Macbook use from the iPad….. that’s where the Disconnect button option does come in use…. or if you want to avoid all of the menu setting and resetting.. I just found today, that if you remove and reinstall the batteries on the wireless keyboard, then which ever device is looking to pair (make sure both are not right next to each other trying to pair) will discover the keyboard once the batteries are reseated.

    • Sharon

      Thanks for the info about resetting the keyboard. Mine was lost in a no man’s land between my iPad and my MacBook but your tip helped me get it working again!

  • John Devor

    The one thing I would love, is to be able to switch applications using my keyboard, or be able to hit the “return to home” button. Anybody know how to do this?

    • Ryan

      i was wondering the same thing. In the case of the new iphone OS which will support keyboards i was just curious which apps it would work with, and what commands from keyboards it would recognize.

  • Rob

    If you bought an ipad only to hook a keyboard to it, you're doing it wrong. An ipad with a keyboard is NOT lap-friendly, and if I have to find a table and a stand to do a little homework, I'm reaching for my notebook every time. Which is both lap AND desk friendly.

  • Anonymous

    I discovered an awesome laser projection keyboard that works with Android Phones. It is manufactured by Celluon and is called the CL850. The CL850 Bluetooth Keyboard driver is available on the Android Market for download just in time for the holidays.

  • Geri

    Do you know how to change the name of the keyboard on an iPad when it pairs?

  • HT

    Is there an easy way to disconnect the keyboard…. or do I have to go settings….??

  • Jkgarrett17

    I appreciate your effort to help, but this video is not helpful. First, the video should be about 30 seconds long. Please get rid of all the superfluous information prior to the instructions. We don’t care about the history or how many appsyou have, we want a simple and straight-forward explanation. Add all the extra stuff after you describe how to do it.

    Also, a brief textual abstract would be nice that just summarizes it in a few steps for those of us who can follow textual instructions and don’t also need the video.

    Lastly, this does not give enough information. It shows how to pair an iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard. It does not show how to pair it with an Apple Bluetooth keyboard. The steps on the iPad are simple and obvious for most people. The steps on the keyboard are what I need help with. You don’t give any information on how to get the keyboard ready for pairing, and that’s what I need.

    The video is nice, but if you could revise it it would be much better.

  • Bnewk

    Your video was excellent. Just what I needed. Unfortunately the Apple directions never mentioned iPad.

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