Apple to unveil iPhone HD/iPhone 4G on June 22nd?

You see that question mark up there? Good, so you know to take what we’re about to say at face value, right? Good. The latest rumblings in the mobile world have Apple getting ready to go public with their next-generation iPhone on June 22nd, in San Francisco. We’ve been referring to this upcoming iPhone as the iPhone HD and iPhone 4G, but come June, we may finally learn the official model name for the smartphone successor to the venerable iPhone 3GS. That is, if this rumor pans out.

Why do we think Apple has their calendar marked for June 22? There are reports coming in that have the iPhone maker reserving a San Francisco conference center. In fact, word on the street has it that Apple reserved the very same conference center where they announced the iPhone 3GS (and iPhone 3G and iPhone). There’s a good bit of coincidence there that could indicate Apple’s intent to unveil the iPhone 4G in June, but it’s far from a confirmation of any sort.

As far as rumored specs are concerned: we’re hoping to see a larger, higher-resolution display (940×640), upgraded camera with LED flash, video calling, RFID integration, a front-facing camera, and possibly an Apple A4 processor (the same processor powering the iPad) under the hood. We might even see the iPhone 4G packing some sort of solar-power technology as well as support for 802.11n WiFi. Of course, we’re expecting Apple to bring the iPhone design aesthetic in line with the rest of their product lineup – brushed aluminum unibody construction, like the iPad/iMac/Macbook Pro.

We’ll have to wait for official confirmation from Apple as far as where and when they decide to take the wraps off the new iPhone. With the iPad still making headway into the US market and the buzz around iPhone OS 4.0 still going strong, we’ll probably have to wait it out a couple more months before Apple gets official on the iPhone HD/4G.

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  • RadioGuru

    iPhone 4G???? You have no idea what you are talking about. 4G refers to the air interface generation technology.
    In the case of 4G, it refers to either WiMAX or LTE technology. WiMAX is currently under deployment with Sprint PCS. Verizon is planning to deploy its 4G network using LTE by the end of this year. So….iPhone 4G???? NOPE….not yet. Not this year.

    iPhone HD makes more sense…it would maybe have a HDMI port for high definition multimedia interface…that is it.

    iPhone 4G???? pssst… you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Shut up!

      Hey smarty-pants, 4G stands for 4th generation.

      You think you’re so cool, uh? Go, get a life, homey!

    • Zack Barwinczak

      4G=4th generation, think before you speak.
      It’s the same with every other piece of technology apple has produced.

      Anyways, i hope the iPhone 4G or HD or whatever it will be called will be top of the line and open for verizon customers too!!!

    • g

      just because you sounded so idiotic, 4G refers to the generation of the next iphone (4th generation). now go back to your radio and leave the tech stuff to the techiesXD

    • a-team

      alright, haters, radioguru has a point about the 4g name. Apple is not following the same naming convention as with the ipods. the iphone 3g was actually only the 2nd gen device… in the context of cell-phones, 3g and 4g _do_ refer to the cellular data service the phone uses. Unless something radical happens between Apple and their carriers, they won’t be releasing an “iphone 4g”, even if it is the 4th generation iphone…

      /end rant

  • Jay3gsm

    On the next version of the iPhone, the one feature I would like to see implemented is proper, full working, non limited Bluetooth.

  • qwerty

    @radioguru You don’t know what you’re talking about.. 4g refers to 4th generation. Gee, shows how much you know.

  • Sergio

    That concept pic. Of the iphone 4 looks fucking hotttttttt

  • Paul Richards

    Forget about the aluminum case idea. First, (and most importantly), a metal case inhibits reception, and second, Apple won’t spend more for a metal shell since everyone puts a case over their phone anyway. Regardless, I’ll be buying one…

  • Zack Barwinczak

    4G=4th generation, think things through before you speak.

    I hope it gets released for Verizon too!

  • techtony

    Actually in the tech world generation normally comes before the number. i.e. G4 would be generation 4. 4g does refer to the WiMAX or LTE technology. But it’s a simple mistake.

  • Sys Anlyst

    Radio Guruis absolutely CORRECT!!!
    So here is my question: Where was the Apple iPhone 1G? (I didn’t stutter show mw the evidence) The ‘G’ being touted about in Apple smartphone products refers the there WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY being used by the handset and not the generation of the handset. The 1st iPhone installment was using EDGE which is considered 2G (2nd gen wireless tech in terms of bandwidth & packets), iPhone 2 was 3G wireless?)… You’ll seem to be just some clueless consumers. Dont take my word for it you could go check the IEEE standards for mobile telephony (if you even know whats the IEEE) or go to the nearest University & take a course in Topics in Computer/Communication Systems. 4G wireless technology is still creeping along the testing stage on most carriers. iPhone 4G therefore is just CARELESS OVERZEALOUS banter by bloggers, enthusiasts and fans.

    1st Gen iPhone uses 2G wireless tech
    2nd Gen iPhone uses 3G wireless tech
    3rd Gen iPhone uses 3G (multimedia features added to the 3G handset- 3GS was coined by Apple)

  • natan jahar

    wow….50% of America (these commentators) really is freaking retarded…3g actually did mean the data connection because the iphone 3g wasn’t the device’s third generation! It is NOT officially called the 4g, just many people automatically thought of 4g, as I did, (since the 4g network is developing and could release the 4g iphone would). However it could also be called 4g since it will have 4g enabled the following year in 2011 anyway. It will probably be called something else thougth, since it wouldn’t be technically correct.

  • apphole

    typical apphole responses. Look the next apple anything won’t have flash. ALL the other phone manufacturers are going with a flash 10.1 solution. Why .. because it has instance management, and hardware acceleration enabled which lessens the cpu utilization. And because unlike what Apple tells every appsheep out there html5 is years from becoming a standard. It has been my experience that you cannot teach an apphole anything and they actually enjoy being told by steve jobs what they can do, what they can see, and where the fence in the apple orchard is. There is going to be a backlash against this closed apple system.

    • PayingAttention

      Your stupid! they were talking about a flash for a camera. like the litle light that illuminates the room when a camera tkes a picture. They weren't talking about Adobe Flash. Mabey you should read before you comment.

      and by the way, there is a very good resason as to why flash isn't on the iPhone / iPad

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