Nokia N8 officially announced [$495, shipping in Q3; Update: Non removable battery]

Update: Several videos after the jump.

The Nokia N8, which we’ve known about, and seen, for a few months already, is finally official. Due to hit “select markets” in Q3 of this year for 370 EUR ($495), it’s the first Symbian^3 handset from Nokia, and the first to feature a 12 megapixel camera plus 720p video shooting, but sadly at 25 fps, not 30 fps. The camera is something we’re eager to test out since Nokia say it has a “large sensor that rivals those found in compact digital cameras”. The N8 will also have built in software that allows users to edit their HD videos. Additional features, again things we’ve known about for a while now: Dolby Digital Plus, multi touch, flick scrolling, and pinch to zoom.

Here’s the official spec sheet:

  • WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100 and GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
  • 113.5 x 59.12 x 12.9 mm
  • 135 grams
  • 3.5 inch widescreen (640 x 360 pixels)
  • 16 GB memory built in, support for up to a 32 GB microSD card
  • 256 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM
  • FM radio, and FM transmitter
  • 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • GPS
  • 1200 mAh battery, which I’m hearing is non-removable from multiple sources, is a first for Nokia. It promises the following:
    Talk time (GSM/WCDMA): 12 hours / 5 hours 50 min
    Standby (GSM/WCDMA): 390 hours / 400 hours
    Video recordings: 3 hours 20 min
    Music playback: 50 hours
    Video playback: 7 hours
    Video playback with HDMI: 6 hours

I have a bad taste in my mouth. When Nokia says it’s due to hit “select markets”, that means that yes, the phone will come out in Q3, probably the end of September, and it’s only coming to a handful of cities in really small quantities. Hope I’m proven wrong of course, and that the reviews pan this device as something worthy enough to not snicker at, but I’m not going to hold my breathe over the next 4 months (May to August). You can’t really argue with that price point however. Nokia are pricing this thing to move. I wouldn’t call it a flagship device, in much the same way that the N86 isn’t a flagship device, but like the N86, the N8 is Nokia’s imaging flagship.

Update: Confirmation for Joe Gallo, Nokia employee, that the N8 does indeed have a non-removable battery. Forum Nokia also confirms that this device has a 680 MHz ARM 11 processor, aka the old ARM processor that none of today’s flagships use.

Update: First image samples from the device, which Nokia admits are untouched.

One more picture and several videos after the jump.

  • Mace

    I believe this will be a real killer device, especially at this price! And it has penta-band 3G which is amazing.

  • Adam

    All I’m going to say is: the X8 has the same old (or very close) S60 interface. That is enough of a reason for me to take a pass. The N97 fiasco was enough torture.

    It’s going to take a lot for me to come back to Symbian.

    I write this as a long time Symbian/Nokia user, so please spare me the flames of being a “hater”.

  • ozair

    is this the first nokia capacitive touchscreen phone?

    it should be better than the n97 resistive touchscreen if its capacitive like iphone.

    on side note: non removable battery is not good esp from nokia and 680 mhz processor is slow, should have been equipped with 1 ghz like nexus one.

    what a shame nokia 500 us $ u can buy a nexus one or faster iphone. no wonder i am still with iphone

    • Faisal

      The iPhone 3GS is NOT faster then the N8. Both are at 600MHz. Do you know how many phones have 600Mhz processors and I see no one complaining. The HTC Incredible for instance.

      • Stefan Constantinescu

        3GS is using ARM’s newest instruction set. It’s like comparing a 600 MHz Pentium II to a 600 MHz Pentium IV.

        Clock frequency only tells one side of the story.

        • firecraka

          In the days of my N82 I remember reading that it had 6 or 7 separate processors for different tasks like sound, graphics etc, so phone might not be fast on any single task, but manages to do all of them well. My point is maybe the MHz isn’t as important robust performance as some make out to be.

  • Ajit

    But I see at Nokia’s site that its a BL-4D 1200 mAh Li-Ion battery.

    Guess, it should be user replaceable after all..

    Or you need to open up some screws to open the case and change the battery!!

  • sun yen

    seriously, this phone is looks really ugly..
    man, what happened to those nice n86/n87 design???

    just compare it with those cool htc phones today..sigh

  • Eric

    I agree. It’s the same over clocked ARM 11 Cpu with a better camera and tweaked OS and you all think this is cool?

    Let me tell you all about my N97. It’s slow, buggy and the UI is very crappy. Battery life is poor because every N97 has a bug that when the Phone is in landscape mode the keyboard back light comes on whether its open or not and if you play a video the backlight stays on. This has been with the N97 since the beginning & Nokia Has failed to address it. Furthermore the music player application is horrific. It can't remember your place so you must always dig through a menu to find music, album art is all mixed up & the combination of playing any song & activating the FM transmitter while driving is so complicated that it will likely get you killed. This problem is further enhanced by the fact that if a song has a silent portion the FM transmitter will deactivate itself leaving you to wrestle with it again usually whilst driving (better to pull over). There are also many other problems with the Camera, GPS & call volume (I have excellent hearing much better than most & I can barely hear anything most the time) The bottom line is Nokia can make some class A crap.

    And by the way.. After just a few months of ownership of the device I purchased an HTC HD2 and I couldn’t be more satisfied. If you choose this over the HTC HD2 you’re just stupid.


    IPHONE sucks….it always freezes and u have to wait 10 yrs to drain the battery…sucks sucks sucks…..cant wait for nOKIA N8

  • Bobby giro

    My question is since you all seem to know everything about a phone. Why isn’t their a phone available that is great on all counts. 12meg camera, great screen. But the phone is slow. Fast phone but it crashes and the camera sucks. Stable phone no crashes but it’s a terrible camera and has bad is or user interface. Has or can anyone made or make a good phone with great cam, fast processor, good interface, has apps etc etc.

  • No_Nickname90

    You people are crazy. This phone is a camera phone. So if you want to take the ultimate pictures, you’d obviously get this phone. You need to get a phone that suites you well. I like to take pictures, record, play games, and watch all on my phone. So I need a phone that has a good screen, and decent camera. The HD2 was a good phone, just windows phones sux. Especially since no windows phone is updateable to windows 7 phone series.

    I got the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant and it’s perfect. I was going to get this, but Android is so awesome. And it’s a Samsung and Samsung makes cameras. My phone doesn’t even have flash and it takes better pictures than some of the 8mp digital cameras my friends have. LoL!! No flash equal more room for camera program.

    Try the Galaxy S series. They’re awesome. Yay for android.

    Waiting for another Samsung with Android OS and Nokia N8 camera. That’s the perfect phone for me.

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