TeliaSonera LTE Status Update: People love speed and 43% of our customers use an iPhone

TeliaSonera’s LTE network in Sweden and Norway is being looked at by many of the world’s operators simply due to the fact that they were the first to market. All this talk of LTE being something that’ll come by the end of this year, or 2011, or even further away, means nothing to people living in Stockholm and Oslo who have access to the next generation of mobile connectivity right now.

TeliaSonera recently conducted a survey, asking customers who have been using the new LTE network for the past 100 days to weigh in on their experiences. Over a quarter have reported working on the go more often, 23% say they’re downloading larger files than usual, 19% say they now watch live streaming television, 16% say they’ve been surfing the net more as a result of LTE, and the stat that doesn’t really mean much, but will be sure to grab headlines: 43% of customers using LTE are using the iPhone.

Do we have any IntoMobile readers in Sweden or Norway using TeliaSonera’s LTE network? Would you like to be interviewed? Just drop a comment below, and make sure you correctly spell your email address in the email field.

[Via: TeliaSonera]

  • Cesar Cardoso

    Stefan, the TeliaSonera PR says:

    “Over 90 percent upgraded from an already existing 3G subscription and 43 percent had an iPhone.”

    If I understood correctly, 43% of the surveyed migrated from an iPhone to a 4G connection.

  • johan

    Been using it the last fifteen days in sthlm.

  • fabian montealegre

    Hello all, how can 3G iphone users be on LTE? I quite don’t understand this, are they using EPC with legacy’s 3G RANs?

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