Man complains to AT&T CEO Stephenson about upgrades and data caps, gets threatened with cease and desist legal action

We apparently live in a world where sending complaint emails to corporate CEOs can result in legal action – or, more specifically, the threat of legal action. At least that’s how AT&T is operating these days. A new report has AT&T threatening to issues a cease and desist letter to AT&T customer Giorgio Galante in response to his sending emails to CEO Randall Stephenson. No, this is not a joke. AT&T actually threatened legal action against a customer for sending them emails.

Giorgio first emailed Big Blue’s chief to request that the company move up his upgrade eligibility window for the iPhone, presumably in hopes of upgrading to the new iPhone 4G / HD when it launches in the very near future – that email also requested that a tethering option be made available. The second email was a complaint about the unfairness of AT&T’s new wireless data plans and how AT&T’s decision to cap data plans precipitated Giorgio’s decision to jump ship to Sprint (for the Sprint HTC EVO 4G, no less).

Following this most recent email, Giorgio was contacted by AT&T’s Executive Response Team and warned that any continued emails would result in AT&T bringing down the C&D hammer. He was apparently contacted by “Brent” from this AT&T Executive Response Team via phone call. Brent reportedly thanked Giorgio for his feedback and then warned him that any further emails would result in legal action.

As you can imagine, there’s going to be one less AT&T customer signing up for the iPhone 4G. We think it’s a shame that this is how a complaint email was resolved.

[Via: Engadget]

  • Darrin

    Why not just call Brent back and threaten a Cease and Desist letter if he calls him again???

    • willpark


  • Mike

    Probably couldn't get a good enough signal on his iPhone 3G to make the call…

  • mrbill

    Wow, AT&T is starting to sound a lot like GOOGLE.

  • bill Williams

    Randall Stephenson. What a doughboy whimp. Give me the fag's email. I'll send a hundred a day!
    Course I went to law school, so I would gladly drag the woman's ass through court.
    what a lazyazz tool!

    • Agrispin1

      Bill, you should do it!!!!

    • Agrispin1

      Bill, you should do it!!!!

  • breakingthechain

    If there's a customer satisfaction contact number/email on ATT's site, I can't find it. They don't want to hear your complaints. They don't care when you leave for another service. Heck, they probably get a cut from the companies who have to use their infrastructure. I don't know if everyone remembers Lily Tomlin's phone operator character, Ernestine, but one of her classic responses to any customer's questions was "because we're the phone company." And that was 30 years ago!

    • Jms6teacher

      I just filed an official complaint with the FCC. You can do it online. They’ll give you a number so you can then forward bills, proof of payment, etc. to the FCC to show them your problem.  I suggest everyone on here with problems with AT&T do the same.

  • Irina

    would it occur to anybody here that perhaps thecustomer is not always right, may be he wanted service which could not be offered,, why not simply say …”you do understand, I may need to move my custom somewhere else”, and do it, there are two parties here – and they both need to be happy with the relationship

    • Agrispin1

      ATT is disgusting! they dont care whatsoever about he customer. They are arrogant and not helpful in the least. And it is true, there is no way to contact them via phone or email to complain. And the customer, is always right!!!!!

    • Agrispin1

      ATT is disgusting! they dont care whatsoever about he customer. They are arrogant and not helpful in the least. And it is true, there is no way to contact them via phone or email to complain. And the customer, is always right!!!!!

    • Erik0203

      You are obviously either NOT an AT&T customer or you work for AT&T…lmao, their service sucks, bad.  There main strategy for handling complaints is to ignore them….I dropped them long ago, but have to deal with them at work.  We were promised business phones, voicemail, T1 within 5-6 weeks.  Three months later we continue to wait and no one will even call us with an explanation.  Same thing happened with my personal account.  I’ll tie two strings to a couple cans before I ever use AT&T for anything again….

  • Bobthebuilder5892

    at&t suffers from the same problem they have always had, arrogance. when congress broke up att into bell co’s, it was because att owned all the transmission lines so you were stuck with crappy service and rude people. today is no different except they use the contract to black mail you into keeping crappy service. over the years att has proven to be one of the most hated companies out there. thats why they offer no way to contact them, they already know what you’re gonna say, and could care less. the only way to stop firms like att is to not use their service. when your contract is up, do your research and pick a non att affiliated company. thats why att is buying everyone up so you have no choice. we do have a choice, and att can be forced to actually, provide a good service, and treat us like we are special to them. once their stock prices fall enough, you’ll see a change, till then, get used to being told to go to hell, and pay your bill , or else.

    • debbie

      I purchased a go phone that is at&t with a 60.00 unlimited txt, calling and internet card. Supposed to be good til march a week later my phone said no service I got online trying to find someone who could explain this to me couldn’t find anyone. My husband is on disability due to a stroke and we don’t have money to keep refilling this phone every week. Wish I had known how they are sooner.

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