iMovie for iPhone 4 Turns You into a Passable Videographer

The iPhone 4 brings with it a ton of new features and hardware, one of which is a new 5-megapixel camera with flash. The new camera doesn’t just take sweet pictures as we saw in today’s presentation at WWDC, but it also shoots 720p HD video at 30fps (we’re normally used to seeing 24fps on phones that shoot HD video). So, with the new video feature comes iMovie for the iPhone.

If you’ve done any video editing on a Mac before, you’re probably familiar with iMovie and its features. But just because there is a version now available for the iPhone, that doesn’t mean it’s light on features or capabilities. It’s not like the iPhone 3GS where you were just able to cut and snip videos where you like, but it offers so much more.

The new iMovie app, which goes for $4.99 in the iTunes Store, will allow you to create and save multiple video projects at once. That way you don’t have to worry about getting everything done in one sitting and fear losing it the minute you exit the app or put your iPhone on sleep mode.

Of course, with multitouch capabilities, what would editing videos on iMovie be like without taking advantage of those gestures? You can use multitouch to scrub video, expand timelines, or trim your videos wherever you want. In addition to the simplified editing features, Apple includes five themes for your videos, too: Modern, Bright, Travel, Playful and News. This lets you text and titles to your transitions and slides.

When you’re just about done, you can even add your own audio and music to your videos, too. Basically, you can shoot, record and edit videos from start to finish right from your iPhone 4. And when you’re all done, you can share it with friends and family via e-mail, YouTube, MMS or pop it into your MobileMe gallery. So, if you’ve always wanted to get into some amateur videography, this app just might help you get started! Oh, and iPhone 4 will be just the piece of smartphone hardware to meet your needs!

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