Motorola outlines Android 2.1 update schedule – Cliq, Backflip owners rejoice

While Motorola Droid owners have been enjoying Android 2.1 for a while now, Cliq and Backflip users don’t need to fret because the firmware update is on the way soon.

Motorola is not being super exact about the dates but Cliq users in the United States will get Android 2.1 in the second quarter, as will the Cliq XT. The Dext, the international version of the Cliq, is still under evaluation for the upgrade but the Asia-Pacific version will definitely get it in the third quarter. The Quench, the international version of the XT, is still being evaluated.

Backflip fans can do backflips (oh yeah) because this wacky handset will be getting the 2.1 software in the third quarter in the United States. The international versions currently have no time table, however.

Android 2.1 came out in early January, so why does it take so long for handset makers to push these out? Well, it’s all about the MotoBlur. That software layer that Motorola puts on top of the green robot enables it to differentiate itself from the avalanche of other Android devices and it brings social networking information closer to your fingertips.

That additional layer also adds complexity to the update process because Moto needs to make sure its software is compatible with the latest version from Google. Additionally, the handset maker has to work with the carriers to push out these updates over the air, which can also add to the delay.

It’s not just Motorola, as others who put a custom layer on top of Google’s mobile platform generally aren’t the first to deliver software updates. The HTC EVO 4G is a killer device with Sense UI but it’s not going to get 2.2, or Froyo, immediately due to that UI layer. While we expect the software update to hit by the end of the year, it’s always tough for die-hard fans to wait.

[Via Motorola]

  • Ken

    2nd qtr is over? So we will get this week? I sure hope so

    • Jayson

      2nd Qtr is not over until July 1st. So if they REALLY want to push it, they have about two weeks left.

      I just wish TMobile had a highend phone. I never would have got this orphaned Cliq if there were any decent Android phones available from them.

      • fsad

        the nexus 1

        • BroBot

          thts unlocked though, but my touch 3G slide is tmobile exclusive and it has 2.1

      • Paguilar

        Welp – It's the 30th. So does that mean they have 1 more day?

  • kevin

    Nexus is not a t moble phone it is a phone you get from google and can use on t moble. But it would be nice for t moble to have a high end android phone they have high end windows phone wy not have android phones

  • comoc85

    I’m sick of people telling me the highend phone for tmobile is the n1! I don’t have 400 dollars to drop on a phone! IF tmobile starts selling n1 with contract so I can get it for a resonable price, I would jump on it immediately. Until then get with it Moto and Tmo! I’ve been waiting for 5 months on this effing update!

    • Billllllly

      Uhm the nexus 1 is sold on contract. just so you know. Lmao

      • baywatch

        N1 is discounted only for NEW customers retard.

        • Ray

          so when your contract expires, cancel your account and sign up for a new one.

  • andersonpiram

    i'm from Brazil and i have a Moto Dext. When we will have the Android 2.1? My operator is Claro! I'm waiting for…

  • boxman

    Just download the US rom whenever that comes out and flash it, otherwise you will be waiting for quite some time

  • Grimm

    It is unfortunate we’ve waited so long for an update. I stopped caring bout Motoblur months ago. I’m selling my phone after seeing the new iPhone 4 knowing that Apple has no problems updating their firmware to all its owners at one time. aOS is good but 2many handsets & manufacturers are wearing it thin, to me. I don’t need open platform apps that open without my knowledge, slow performance, drains battery, force closes way too much, & locks up cuz of memory issues. I grow tired of using task killers to free up memory if my phone is running slow & I don’t do much on it at all. I tried to be patient with Motorola, but no more. People can hate on me all they want for saying Apple’s name but hey, I ain’t a windows mobile kinda guy, blackberries are shitty, my android phone is lagging, and the iOS 4 supports multitasking that doesn’t drain the battery. I ain’t hopping on verizon’s wagon just to get scraped for those high ass phone plans and Sprint can kiss my ass. They suck. Lol I can deal with 2gb of Data for online use cuz i’d rather use wifi for the big data transfers. I wish all of you the best with this update.

    • Justin

      Just saying the IPHONE 4 is junk. People are having trouble with calls dropping bc of the placement of their hands! and Apple knew that it was a problem and STILL RELEASED IT. yea real honest company. they were rushing bc they are falling behind, My BACKFLIP already did things the iphone 4 does. not to mention they had a the ios 4.0 upgrade that made the iphone not as much of a P.O.S.

  • 211

    Damn grimm get it off your chest…i agree though especially with the part about the memory stuff its rediculous.I had a g1 and it was nice besides that but what baffled me was the 75mb of internal lmao…smart phone with dumb memory.I say the n1 is the best right now but tmo dont carry it pretty stupid i think.They would sell way more if they put em in stores,you cant get a hands on try and that is why people buy stuff they can see.Bad marketing.Anyway i ended up with a cliq and it has some cool stuff but mainly i just like my keyboard which sucks azz on the cliq the 223 mb internal and the 3.5 jack.Went and seen a mytouch slide looked nice and perfect the genius button seems dope too.Then i checked the internal mem….deal killer.Think g1 yea 75…lol.So i made a design for a phone here it is am i crazy nexus 2 slide 3.5 jack HDMI port 2 gig internal is that too much to ask ?

  • Dave

    the Cliq actually has 1GB of internal storage not 223MB, becoz of the preinstalled apps on it, you can extend it with a 32GB microsd card if needed.

  • Erica

    Hi All! I'm new to this motorola blur/ android thing. It was this or the iphone. I hear the iphone 4 is having some problems, so I will wait until all the kinks are worked out. Plus I'm not a 100% virtual keyboard person, it makes me frustrated. Anyways, I had the G1 with Android 1.5 on it, and wasn't a huge fan of 1.5, so I'm hoping this update comes sooner than later, or before my 30 days are up I may get my first iphone. We shall see!

  • brodie

    Well, today is the last day to push out that update to cliq users. Since q3(for moto) starts tomorrow, I hope to see you guys have an update by the end of the night. I know how you all feel because when my contract ended, I was ready to get that phone then I waited a month to get the phone since they "said" that an update was coming out, then another month, then another, then 2, then one more and I got tired of waiting so I just went ahead and got the myTouch Slide and I just have to say that this phones rocks!

  • backflip user

    As a backflip user, I find the mention of backflip here rather useless.

    Can you guys possibly add some real insights -rather than repeating Moto's lip service- into why Moto is delaying Android 2.1 on backflip?

  • C.P.

    hi on some sites that play video i get a puzzle piece. i know im missing a plugin but where do i get it. thanks

  • cliq

    August 11, still no update. Q2 is over. Where oh Where is 2.1 hiding?

  • Denise

    I have been a G1 user for 2 years, but, after my second one messed up last week, Tmobile offered me the Moto Cliq. I hope the update comes soon as well. My husbands G1 crapped out on him as well a month ago, but it didn't have anymore factory warranty on it because it had physical damage, so, we bought him the Mytouch slide today, and I have to say, I am jealous. I haven't even gotten my Cliq in the mail yet, but I know I just might end up paying the money to get myself a mytouch slide as well!!!!! We will see I guess.

  • FaNcYLadY

    Hello…I’ve been a Backflip/Android user, about >2mos., as well and I am just so fascinated with this phones potential! It is a very cool phone but very LAGGY! It is just so effing frustrating to have a phone with a FACTORY component that makes it …in oneword…”fail”! Who does s**t like that Motorola??? ;-()-; I’m not going to reiterate whats already been said about it flaws but, yeah. And its kind’ve disappointing that some of you and myself, have to deal with the somehow STILL highly anticipated update to 2.1, to my knowledge, the hard way…after our 30day return period is up will be when the update is available. Its been more than a month and still no update but Android 2.2 aka Froyo has been released and sent out…hummmmmmmmmm….??? How does one create a phone that can’t keep up with its RELATIVES??? Its 2010…soon, cars are going to be flying……………………………………..! I know there’s no NAUGHTY list or FAVORITES but I don’t think Motorola actually knows how much pain nd mental stress this is causing a lot of people! Yesterday, a lawsuit ran across my mind…that’s how this phone’s system made me feel….dang!!! This s**t is. TOO real now! Underwater looking for A sea line…:-(

  • Backflipper

    The latest announced date for both the backflip and the cliq is “late Q3 / early Q4″… so I’m betting on second week of October.

  • echo

    you can install android 2.1 on the cliq…it works just fine…found no flaws in it…2.0.25 if you look on youtube there are plenty of people doing it…

  • Marissa

    READY FOR AN UPDATE! Look, I could have bought an iphone but I’m sick of the hype and the backflip had what I wanted when I was shopping for phones…better camera, led flash….full keyboard…..but my god! When oh when will I get my update? Why is my phone the redheaded step-child of motorola?

  • Ibayoemonami

    i purchased Backflip in Singapore, but i realise it was a BIG mistake to trust Motorola! Go ahead and play around in the US. Do as much update you want and suck your own brand. We, in Asia will chose a phone with strong support INTERNATIONALLY! Following the hype for iPhone is not something bad also after all. People buy, and people recommend. Forget Motorola, ever!!!!!

  • Coolraunaksethi

    when will android 2.1 come for the backflips in the international market????

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