• Diego!

    Is that HTC Mondrian?

    WP7 looks great, I'm diggin' it more and more as it release approaches.

    • wreiad

      Nope, it's just the Asus prototype hardware.

    • Daniel Perez

      The Microsoft representative told us that it was a demo unit that was running Windows Phone 7.

  • Greg

    Bypassing an upgrade to iPhone 4 for one of these – the interface is the next level in mobile

  • Lennard

    pretty sweeet. way more responsive than it used was before

  • Desperado

    It looks great.. I had been digging the details ever since it was annonced. I think its a shift and will really change the game. Its fully loaded and if they can integrate the features seen in KIN ..like studio and spot that would be really nice.

    I have been using KIN for last several weeks.. didnt expect too much from it.. but actually now its an indispensable device for a social animal like me.

  • Jonatas

    It's getting better and better…

    I definitly will get one of these a year's end.

    Tired of iPhone UI likes

  • Techieg

    From day one of its announcement I said all current mobile devices should have their time now because when Windows Phone 7 is released it will change the game and overtake the mobile market. I am certainly awaiting this particular Asus device or something similar to the HD2 from HTC.

  • Bam

    I really don't see the enterprise market ever going for this.

    • Andreas

      It's not intended for the enterprise market really. The primary aim for this Windows Phone 7 is "active people" and it's more thought of to help keep life maximizers (Microsoft's own words) connected with friends and family.

      Microsoft is continuing on the WinMo 6.5 track for the enterprise market, the follower "Windows Embedded Handheld" (and even it's successor) during last week. These are the phone OS's aimed for the enterprise market.

  • Techieg

    If you think WP7 is not intended for the enterprise then you must be really joking. You should see this Microsoft video of the WP7 roadmap to help you rethink this notion (fast forward to 34:50minute, 49:48minute also talks about new marketplace policies) there are other WP7 developer related videos there as well; http://www.msteched.com/2010/NorthAmerica/WPH201

    Windows Phone 7 Enterprise Roadmap summary:

    Now (Fall 2010):
    Exchange Server
    SharePoint Server
    Windows Azure
    SQL Azure
    MS Office
    Microsoft Online Services – Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS)

    Later (2011+):
    System Center
    Office Communications Server
    Windows Server
    SQL Server

    With all these even Blackberry will fail to compete. WP7 also has the best development tools even as admitted by iPhone and Android developers, see other videos such as Understanding Windows Phone 7 Development Tools; http://www.msteched.com/2010/NorthAmerica/WPH303

    WP7 is the mobile device of the future!

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