Leak: Crisp High Quality Photos: Nokia C7: 8 megapixel camera, 3.5 inch slab of screen

Update: We got some video of the C7 24 hours after this post went live.

Nokia’s first device with an 8 megapixel camera, the N86, was nothing more than an upgrade to the N85 meant to catch up to the competition who at the time was already producing 8 megapixel and even 12 megapixel camera phones. Enter the C7, a leaked prototype that we’ve talked about before, but this time we’ve got our hands on some stunningly beautiful photos of the Finnish company’s second 8 megapixel beast.

For starters we’ve got the camera. We’re not sure if this is the same module that the N86 has, nor the same lens, but hey, people shopping in retail stores see the number 8, realize it’s bigger than the number 5 or 3.2, and then buy a device. Then there’s the screen: 3.5 inches of capacitive goodness. None of that resistive nonsense. From the looks of it the materials are high quality metal as well. I’ve recently, as in today, played with a Nokia C5 and if the C7 shares any of the robust build quality as it’s non touch screen cousin does then you can be sure the world’s largest phone manufacturer will have a hit on their hands.

The operating system? Symbian^3, the latest from Nokia, which is set to include things such as threaded messaging, increased graphics performance, less prompts, and an offer an overall better experience than devices such as the Nokia N97 which … let’s be honest, turned a lot of people off from the Nokia brand.

Price and launch date? Wish I could tell you, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that Nokia is going to try and get this thing out on the market by the holiday season. The Cseries moniker suggests that it’s going to be cheap, which means some features are going to be chopped, but judging by the looks of this thing the only thing I suspect will be left out is WiFi or multiband 3G.

Not a deal breaker if you want a high quality camera, assuming this thing shares a pedigree with the N86. And that’s one big assumption.

Update: Eldar from Mobile-Review has a Nokia C7 and on his personal blog he said that he likes it more than the N8 and that it should hit the market in October for 300 EUR.

[Via: The Nokia Blog, Zol]

  • Mace

    What…no Nokia or Symbian bashing?

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      there’s nothing to bash … yet. i need more details. and i already made a jab at the N97 which apparently you missed.

  • @steverowlands

    That really does look like a nice device!

    Looks to me like on the bottom photo there is a WiFi symbol up by the battery level, so it makes me suspicious as to what is missing? Surely they wouldn't ruin it with a resistive screen……. would they?

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Eldar says it has a capacitive glass screen, and I believe him.

  • Hary

    They have take out Carl Zeiss lens first of all. Probably might not have the same camera algorithm as N8 too.
    May be internal memory?
    Btw, i suspect the Eldar said he like it better than N8, because he indirectly is trying to plant confusion in people's mind that they should wait till C7 gets out, so people don't buy N8, which again indirectly affects Nokia. So it is his way of
    hurting nokia, atleast a try.

  • Hary

    Btw, I am surprised that this is a most non-negative (i would not say positive ;)) post i have seen from Stefan on Nokia, in several months, i guess. Not a single negative statement except N97 mention and Eldar's reference.

    Did the sun rise from south today?

  • Reptile

    maybe no gps.

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