Lookout mobile security now has more than 2 million users

Over 2 million registered users now use Lookout mobile security services
Over 2 million registered users now use Lookout mobile security services

The mobile security firm Lookout said it now has over 2 million registered users and shared some interesting data about how its services are being used.

If you’re not familiar with the company, it makes apps for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile which scans for malware, provides find-my-phone features and allows for online backup of devices.

· Found lost or stolen phones for users more than 700,000 times, with a phone found every 15 seconds over the past two months
· Backed-up over 130 million photos
· Backed-up over 625 million contacts, which if printed on business cards would wrap around the circumference of the earth 1.4 times

“Consumers are adopting smartphones at a faster pace than anyone imagined and these phones are changing how we live our daily lives,” said John Hering, CEO and founder, Lookout Mobile Security, in a prepared statement. “The mobile device has become the most personal computer and the tremendous growth Lookout has experienced is being driven by the increasing adoption of smartphones, tablets, and connected mobile devices. Consumers want peace of mind as they download apps, shop, communicate and are entertained on these devices.”

I have the Lookout app on a Motorola Droid and I’ll put it through the paces over the next few days and give you a full review.

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