Is this HTC Sense for Windows Phone 7? [Video]

Windows Phone 7 may get HTC Sense, according to this video

Windows Phone 7 may get HTC Sense, according to this videoThis may be one of those “too goo to be true” things but a video has leaked out which could be HTC’s version of Sense for the upcoming Microsoft Windows Phone 7 platform.

We know that Microsoft will not allow too much monkeying with the hardware and software for Windows Phone 7 devices, as it wants to cut out all the clutter that happened with third-party implementations of Windows Mobile. But HTC has invested a ton of resources into its Sense UI and we know that it will be coming to the company’s Windows Phone 7 devices.

The video, which is stamped with “for internal use,” shows off the custom stocks, notes and weather apps. The overall Metro UI of Windows Phone 7 hasn’t appeared to change much but HTC is making these individual programs shine.

The HTC apps appear to have a lot of animations to add along with the functionality. Some might say it’s a bit too much flash but I’m already digging it.

As Microsoft Windows Phone 7 gears up for its Oct. 11 debut, the pieces are slowly falling in to place. The platform went gold and went to handset makers a few months ago and the developer tools are now ready to go.

As for the hardware, it looks like we’ve seen some leaks from all the launch hardware already, as we’ve seen numerous spy shots of Windows Phone 7 devices from HTC, Samsung, Acer and others. I’m personally really excited about the Dell Lightning – that form factor looks like a winner in my eyes.

We’re working on our side to get some more pre-release units, so you can be sure we’ll have the good once launch day approaches.

As I mentioned before, this video could very well be a fake but you should check it out below. Let us know if you think it’s a fake, as well as if you’re looking forward to Windows Phone 7 in the comments.

  • nsurfer

    Wow if true. That seems over the top. I am more app to think it is fake. I hope I am wrong though.

  • Jay

    I’m going to give the video the benefit of the doubt. It just looks too polished to be a fake.

    As much as I love the new Metro UI and overall fluidity of Microsoft’s new mobile platform, I’m glad I got the BB 9650 when I did instead of waiting for this on Verizon; they aren’t offering WP7 until 2011 when LTE and their tiered-data price plans roll out.

  • Rob

    I don’t have the skills to know if this is a fake just by watching, but it did get me all giggly! But what occurred to me is that the weather app seems to like it would drink a lot processing juice. I know these will be high end phones, but there’s a lot that’s expected of them too. I mean, is multi tasking on board for WinPho7? They will make for very hungry little devices. That said, I’ve never been so interested in the weather before! And the Xbox Live connectivity has me very interested in checking out WP7. Unfortunately it looks like T-mo is last in line for this train (well, maybe in line next to Sprint).

  • Mr Windows

    Concept video

  • JirkaVeleba

    Hello. Can somebody help me with my decision? I like the new Htc 7 Trophy and Htc Desire Z. My favourite is Trophy, bud I have Htc HD and now I’m worrying about the WM. So do you thnik, that better choice is mobile with Android? I want many games a fast mobile without problems… Thank you, George
    PS.: Sorry for my bad English.

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