Is Apple in late-stage testing of Verizon iPhone?

Verizon iPhone may be in late testing from Apple
Verizon iPhone may be in late testing from Apple

The Verizon iPhone rumor just won’t stop and now we’re hearing reports that Apple is in the late-stage testing for its smartphone on the largest mobile operator in the United States.

The Boy Genius is reporting that Apple has a CDMA smartphone which in in “AP” testing mode, which is the last stage before a retail product. This grooves well with the multiple rumors which indicate an early 2011 release date is in store.

– The iPhone 3,2 could be the mythical CDMA + GSM/HSPA device that would support Verizon, AT&T, and the other current worldwide iPhone 4 carriers frequencies. The mid-cycle refresh would bring an updated antenna design for the current iPhone 4 and bring CDMA-compatibility; essentially, Verizon Wireless subscribers would have the same device as AT&T subscribers.

– The iPhone 3,2 could be a CDMA-capable iPhone that houses a SIM card for global roaming capabilities; though that certainly seems more complicated than just having one single glove that would fit both hands.

– One last possibility that the iPhone model 3,2 would simply be a slightly different design that doesn’t suffer from the same antenna attenuation as the current model; though that would be a little disappointing.

The report also said that the next GSM Apple smartphone is in the “EVT” stage of development, which is about what you’d expect. Interestingly, I think this was the stage the last Apple smartphone was at when it was lost at a bar. So, keep an eye out at your Bay Area watering holes.

This device would undoubtedly sell like hot cakes and the Android experience may have prepared the network for the glut of Apple users. It also looks like the device will be 3G-only, which could be a major negative for early adopters who want smartphones which can utilize Verizon’s upcoming LTE 4G network.

Verizon users, are you super excited for an Apple smartphone for Big Red?

[Via BoyGeniusReport]

  • Mkhdksfjhb

    heck yes! i want the iphone to verizon wo badly, as ell as an ipod touch 4

    • rushbc

      why not just get an ipod touch now? no need to wait.
      and iphone on VZW will be disappointing with big red’s slower 3G speeds and lack of simultaneous voice & data.

      Disclaimer: I am an AT&T customer and an iPhone owner. I am also an AT&T employee. I do NOT receive any form of compensation for my posts. My posts reflect my own personal opinions and do not necessarily represent AT&T’s positions, strategies or opinions. I also do not possess any “insider knowledge” of future products or future releases. And if I did, I certainly wouldn’t tell you! 🙂

  • VZIphone

    I will be first in line to pick up the Verizon Iphone!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dani3lsauce

    I have been waiting since 2007 to get the iphone for verizon… I have been, very patiently holding on to my crap razor phone this entire time to finally be rid of it when verizon finally sells the iphone. I chose not to join AT&T, I the consumer have made a firm choice and I have stood by that choice since the release of the iphone.

  • Atticspaceprints

    congrats! you work at at&t. you are clown shoes.

  • Atticspaceprints

    congrats! you work at at&t. you are clown shoes.

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