Smartphones account for almost 20% of all shipped phones

Smartphone adoption is growing rapidly if you hadn’t noticed. In fact, smartphone adoption is growing so rapidly that 19% of all phones shipped today are smartphones. This is expected to grow even more, and much faster than it took to get where we are today.

Smartphone shipments have gone up 12% since the first quarter of this year, and up 50% year over year. This adoption will increase as the smartphone gets cheaper. Motorola and LG have proved you can make a decent smartphone without charging a fortune these days, and these handsets will draw in more users faster than ever before. With cheaper smartphones coming our way, feature phone users are starting to make the jump to real smartphones.

Without a doubt, the Mobile OS heavy weights are Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and RIM’s Blackberry handsets.  Palm’s WebOS never really took off, but that could all change with new hardware on its way. The real wild card is Windows Phone 7, as we haven’t really seen how users will respond to it, though I’d find it hard to believe that it would be mostly negative. As time goes on, the real winners will remain, while the others will fall behind, and the top three mobile operating systems will likely remain the same three that are on top today.

We can only imagine that the introduction of the Verizon iPhone will also bring a mob of new smartphone users as well, as many have been waiting, and that time looks to be very near. The hoards of Android handsets will continue to get better, and remain many carrier’s flagship devices, and at the moment, and likely for much longer, RIM will hold onto the enterprise market.

We know that most users who read IntoMobile likely already own smartphones, but to those who still have a feature phone in their pockets, will you be getting a smartphone within the next 3-6 months?

[Via: MediaPost]

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