Verizon Adds Samsung Continuum to Galaxy Teaser Page

Verizon just added the Samsung Continuum to its Galaxy teaser page, which also shows the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Fascinate – its current Galaxy S device. The Continuum is a neat little device in that it has two screens — the main screen and the small “ticker” screen that shows tidbits of info like text message alerts and the date and time.

There aren’t very many details surrounding the Samsung Continuum right now, but since it’s being released soon and it’s a Galaxy S device, we know that it will be rocking Android (likely 2.1 at the time of release) and Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0 UI. Of course, it will also pack a Super AMOLED display like all its cousins, but there’s no telling if there are any changes to the display size given the real estate that the ticker takes up.

If you’re looking to grab one of these puppies for the holidays, check out the Verizon page to sign up for more info.

[Via: Verizon and PhoneScoop]

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