Leak: Samsung to announce 4.5 inch screen Android device with 1.2 GHz processor in February

We recently wrote about the Samsung Nexus S that was leaked via Best Buy’s website, and isn’t exactly the most prettiest of devices, but don’t fret because Engadget just scored a leak of another Samsung handset due to be announced in February that packs a 1.2 GHz processor, 8 megapixel camera with the ability to capture 1080p video, 14.4 Mbps HSPA+ so you can use it on T-Mobile’s new network, 16 GB of built in storage, Bluetooth 3.0, a monster 4.5 inch screen using Samsung’s second generation Super AMOLED technology, all in what looks like an ultra thin industrial designed rectangle of magical goodness. We’re only 3 months away from Mobile World Congress, and that’s when all the latest and greatest from the handset industry gets unveiled. We’ll keep our eyes open for this puppy and try our best to stalk Samsung’s public relations folks so we can get an early hands on demo.

This new handset will probably run Google’s upcoming Android 2.3 mobile operating system, codenamed Gingerbread, and we’d like to tell you more, such as pricing and availability, but there’s no real additional information to share. Frankly, I’m a bit tired of this trend towards large screen devices. My Nexus One, with the 3.7 inch screen, felt like just the right size and now with my iPhone 4 I’m tremendously satisfied with how my mobile fits in my pocket, but 4.5 inches? Are you freaking kidding me? It’ll fit in my jacket’s breast pocket, but I’m not going to be wearing said jacket when spring and summer come around.

What say you? Are you interested in getting a device with an even larger screen or are you like me and tired of seeing the entire industry blow up devices to proportions that would have seemed laughable 5 years ago, yet today, for some strange reason, are desirable to a certain class of users?

  • an interesting little trend seems to be that it’s female customers who are embracing these large screen devices as mini tablets rather than obese smartphones, and are quite happy to carry them around in bags

    I think men are really starting to feel the pocket space pinch, and are seeing the devices as needlessly large phones. Maybe it is time to get a “man bag” Stefan

  • Jmbbbb5

    You are wrong, I have seen this coming for 10 years now. 4.8 and 4.5 will be the standard perfect size. And will fit in a phone smaller than iphone 3gs which as you know a lot of people fit in their pockets. I have been using droid x for the past 6 months and I love it and want a 4.8 screen version. Once better programable front edge side buttons thast can be used to click or even scroll like optical buttons for left or right handed users the cases will become tighter around true 16:9 aspect like droid x so get ready 4.5 to 4.8 will be new standard and max at the same time for your pocket.

  • Jasonm

    I love my EVO 4.3 inch screen and it fits in my pocket.

  • MikeinRichmond

    The screen is only 0.2″ larger than my Droid X, which fits in my pocket and hand fine, so as long as it’s not thicker/heavier it should be ok. My feelings are that this is the largest size that will sell in significant numbers for the ‘will it fit in my pants pocket?’ crowd.

  • Rjmjr72

    That way to large for a freaking phone. I have a droid x and its borderline. I think 3.7 to 4 is the sweet spot.

  • Archaleus

    Personally, I love the larger screens. After a couple months with my Droid X, handling my old Droid with a 3.7″ screen is just too small for comfort. In fact, I wish my carrier had the Dell Streak.

  • Crickteri

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  • J J

    I love my Driod X and I was actually surprised that it is actually not too big! It’s very easy to text on in portrait mode and it’s a beautiful screen. Although I do love and sometimes miss my iPhone 4, this was truly the iPhone-killer for me. (And free accurate turn-by-turn GPS as opposed to iPhone’s $70 TomTom app, ugh.)

  • JC

    I’m with the bigger screen crowd. My original Droid feels waaaay to small. Like another poster, I’d love to have the Dell Streak on Verizon…and it still fits in my pocket!

  • Learn_guitar

    i have the new iphone 4, just got it two days ago. I love the screen and while I do appreciate that the overall footprint of the phone has shrunk, I find myself wanting a bigger screen. I can see myself complaining in either direction. One thing I do love about the iphone… four years of use, since gen 1. Nothing broken. Ever.

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