Motorola Xoom teaser ad jabs at Apple

Motorola Xoom ad teaser jabs at Apple
Motorola Xoom ad teaser jabs at Apple

The Motorola Xoom tablet will be getting a huge marketing push and we’re just starting to see the first teaser ads which take a bunch of shots at Apple and the iPad.

As you can see from the ad below titled, “Goodbye 1984,” the Motorola Xoom will be pushed against the Apple iPad by focusing on the flexibility it offers compared to the Apple tablet. That includes multiple form factors, the ability to use 3G or 4G – the Motorola Xoom will launch with 3G and be expandable to 4G later – and the multiple cameras.

This Motorola Xoom teaser ad is actually one of the best non-Apple ads I’ve seen in a while. It’s aspirational in ways that other device ads generally don’t dare touch upon and it plays off the whole “cult of Apple” theme that some may find really annoying. There’s not even a glimpse of the product in this ad but it’s still incredibly exciting.

We should be seeing a larger Motorola Xoom tablet ad during the Super Bowl and we’ll be sure to let you know our thoughts on that one too.

Another thing I like about this ad is that it’s clearly going against the iPad but not necessarily just the current model. We know that a sequel to the iPad should be detailed in the next few weeks or so but many of the criticisms in the Motorola Xoom tablet ad will probably remain applicable.

Still, you have to wonder if these tablet competitors have been chasing where Apple is, not where it will be with the next iPad. While the rumors of the iPad 2 getting its screen resolution doubled have been debunked, it will be interesting to see what Apple can do to stay ahead of the pack.

Anyways, check out the Xoom teaser ad below.

[Via Motorola]

  • abc123

    Excellent idea, poorly executed. I hope this is not the one that gets played at the superbowl as I’m betting half the crowd will probably have a confused look on their faces.

    To understand the commercial, one needs to know:
    1. That the white earphones represent Apple.
    2. That Apple played the 1984 commercial at the superbowl over 27 years ago.
    3. The reference to 1984 and the George Orwell novel of the same name.
    4. That Apple is a closed system… most people within the S. Jobs reality distortion field won’t understand this.

    Good commercial for tech-saavy people, but not people who are football fans.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. This is a dope teaser to get the tech crowd buzzing but they’re wasting a huge opportunity if they don’t show the device and the Xoom name during the actual Super Bowl ad.

    • Lordvader

      Totally disagree. They know their target audience, and that demographic GETS IT.

  • Anonymous

    Hoping the playbook date will be announced at the superbowl. The only thing good about this ad is YES we need more choice. Playbook and Xoom. For me the playbook. I think QNX blows the android OS (which was purchased by Google not developed by them) off the map.

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