Ultra Rough First Impressions: The Nokia E7 [Now shipping in Finland!]

Thanks to Twitter user @Sheridan01 I just got about 20 minutes of hands on time with Nokia’s latest superphone, the E7. I’ve never seen the device in person before, so with that in mind here are some first impressions: for a device with a 4 inch screen, it’s surprisingly small. It fits in the hand extremely well and the materials are top notch. The sliding mechanism is solid and unlike the N97, which felt like it would fly out of my hands every time I wanted to use the QWERTY keyboard, the E7’s latch opened with just the right amount of force. Speaking of the keyboard, the keys are a little bit on the small side, but I’m sure that with time one could get used to them.

How’s the operating system? Well … this time last year I finally gave up my Nokia E71 and switched to the Google Nexus One. Then in September I got an iPhone. Navigating around Symbian felt foreign to me, but only because I’m no longer used to it. It seemed responsive enough, but again, I only had 20 minutes with the damn thing so I can’t say for certain whether I’d make it my main device. Once turned on the E7 identified @Sheridan01 by his SIM card and automatically started syncing all of the settings from his Nokia account. Do Android devices do something similar or are you forced to enter your Google credentials when getting an a new Android device?

The screen is nice, but you can most definitely discern the pixels. The touch screen element seemed responsive to my swipes and tap and the few images that came preinstalled as wallpapers looked more than adequate in terms of color reproduction and black levels. If you can’t tell by now, I’m a pretty terrible phone reviewer. Texting, calling, browsing, Google Maps, those are the only things I seem to do with a handset these days, and the E7 isn’t really going to make me switch from my iPhone 4 now that I think about it.

Here’s hoping Nokia makes a device in 2011, probably loaded with MeeGo, that makes me feel that all too painful gadget lust that makes everyone’s wallet just a little bit lighter.

Update: Price? 599 Euros if you preorded it, otherwise 630 Euros. Where to buy it? The Nokia Flagship Store in downtown Helsinki. Nokia is also saying that it’s shipping today, so it might be at a store near you rather soon.

  • I think if you specifically don’t require certain services, like exchange mail, VPN/secured connectivity, or physical keyboard, you will find other phones, like iPhone, HTC, and Samsung appealing. Nokia will only rise if there is a need for mobility and efficiency in business. Thus being said, I don’t think it will ever become popular in the western hemisphere. Especially it has Symbian which is for many Americans an 8-bit operating system with no multimedia capabilities

  • Great article as always.

  • Anonymous

    My god Stefan !!!!
    From all the reviews out there you picked the one that at the end tells everyone he is keeping hes iPhone.
    Hoo.. wait, its you, Stefan, what else can I expect from a Nokia hater, it doesn’t matter what they will bring, good or bad, you only have one side of things so it doesn’t really matter.

    Lots of other people out there like the device, no mention of them at all ?, yeah.. Stefan great article, not by you and one perspective, great journalism… not.

    • Anonymous

      Grow up. Just because he’s critical and doesn’t drool over it, he’s not allowed to write?

      Get your own blog.

      • Anonymous

        Of course he can!
        If he writes it and review it!.

        Posting what a random guy write as your own opinion, weird.
        That is my rant not that he doesn’t like the device, I know he doesn’t, its Stefan, him and Nokia doesn’t get a long.

  • Bobo

    Nokia makes the best hardware in the world so if they can get an operating system to match they would be unstopable

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the first reaction. That’s very important.

    My own comments: does not cut it for UX before PR2 ships. Just not polished enough. Not enough resolution. Not fast enough. Too expensive.

    Wish there was android/ios/meego device with a hardware like this, but just updated cpu/gpu/screen.

    Ah well, maybe in Q4…

    • So what you are saying is that Nokia made a crap phone with good hardware that still requires replacement? Why would you need an updated cpu/gpu/screen in a business phone? So that you can have less battery at the end of the day? To show off to your friends? You’re either immature and thus can’t compose a logical sentence or you’re a Nokia hater

  • How has no one else commented on the Super Bowl Motorola XOOM ad being displayed on the E7 in the top picture. I found that fairly amusing personally.

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