Apple set to buy over $7.8 billion worth of components from Samsung this year

It’s no secret that Samsung is a huge company. Forget about their mobile phones for a second, and think about all of the other things they make. From kitchenware to the memory chips that store the naughty photos you take of your girlfriend and share with your closest friends, Samsung touches damn near everything. We’re not too surprised to hear a new report coming out of the Korea Economic Daily that says Apple is set to buy $7.8 billion worth of components from them. Screens, memory, and application processors, because if you didn’t know that the Apple A4 is made by Sammy by now then you should be ashamed of yourself, are the key items in question. Under this agreement Apple is set to be the single largest customer of Samsung. That makes us wonder … are they selling more of the components it makes than actually use them in their own products? There’s been a terrible shortage of OLED screens as of late, enough so that Samsung had to announce the Galaxy SL which uses an LCD display, so what’s going on down in kimchi town?

With the successor of the iPad due to be announced shortly, many are wondering what sort of screen it’s going to have. The conversation has been focused on the actual resolution, but Samsung makes something called “Super PLS” that’s supposed to put even the awe inspiring IPS displays of today to shame. In addition to better viewing angles, the outdoor visibility is supposed to be amazing. Anyone who has ever tried to use an iPad somewhere other than their living room knows just how hard it is to actually do that without wanting to punch yourself in the face so your eyes swell shut.

Besides the iPad 2, iPhone 5, iPod touch, what else do you think Apple will announce in 2011 that’s likely to use Samsung parts.

  • I believe Samsung will still keep the best for their own use. And to your question about what else will apple be using Samsung products for. The answer is the macbooks air, pro and possibly the screen for the Mac touch all in one that might be coming this year. Since Samsung has decided to build the 5 gen plant to accommodate both theirs and other manufacturer requests. I believe we shouldn’t see a shortage anymore.

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