“We’ll also support Android apps” spoken during PlayBook demo

BlackBerry PlayBook Android
BlackBerry PlayBook Android

Rumors are coming fast and furious that suggest the BlackBerry PlayBook will be able to run Android applications. Last week, we read a report from ShopSavvy that claims someone was using their Android application on a BlackBerry Curve 8520, a Curve 8300, and a mystery 8600 device. While not conclusive evidence that RIM is building Android support into its PlayBook, this observation is certainly suggestive when you consider all the earlier rumors.

Adding some significant fuel to this rumor is a video that overtly supports this Android-PlayBook claim. Thanks to an astute reader, CrackBerry uncovered a PlayBook demo filmed at Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona earlier this month. At the 14-second point of the video embedded below, the demonstrator confirms the BlackBerry tablet will support applications compatible with Google’s mobile operating system. It is a comment that appears to be part of his presentation because it flows so easily from his lips. It is not clear whether this was a mistake or a slip of the tongue in which someone accidentally uttered something that is still under wraps.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think. Just a note: you will have to listen closely as this was filmed in a busy and noisy conference hall.

[Via CrackBerry]

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