• http://twitter.com/jammbalaja jambalaja

    Wp7 = BETA


  • http://twitter.com/clonewar2 parrotcam

    the home screen doesn’t rotate when its in landscape, which makes this WP7 very weird

  • Guest

    Next time don’t do a video review outside. Outside = FAIL

  • http://dissertationtoday.com/ dissertation

    interesting… but seems tobe not effective… dont know why


    I will so pick up this phone UNLESS there is a future Sprint WP7 device other than this one around the corner…. like one with a bigger screen, other greater specs, and perhaps from Samsung instead!

    Anybody agree?

  • vincentking

    Purchased it on Thu. MAJOR ISSUE: I cannot update Calendar and Contacts from Outlook. I have to load them into the cloud to be able to add/update them to the phone. I just don’t want to do that and IS the only reason I went for a WP7 phone. My old Palm Centro was just fine otherwise.

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