Vertu Constellation Quest goes carbon fibre

Think that Vertu’s Constellation Quest is cool phone? Sure it’s expensive but it’s not just a fancy feature phone. Rather it also has some brains under the hood, being the first Vertu model to run Symbian OS.

Anyway, the luxury QWERTY smartphone will soon be available in another version, with select parts of the device to be made out of carbon fibre. Moreover, the new version of the device will come in two editions – one polished stainless steel, and the other 18 carat gold.

Unfortunately we don’t have the images to show you just how cool (and luxurious) the upcoming Vertu phone will look like. We did, however, hear the phone’s lip and battery cover are made from the lightweight material, while the chassis will be lined with black leather.

Price is unknown at the moment, though I’m sure we’re talking about couple of thousands of dollars. If that’s something you consider paying for a phone, please also consider sponsoring IntoMobile. We definitely deliver better value for the money. 😉

[Via: ElectricPig]

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