Best Buy rolls out shopkick across most of its stores around the country

Starting tomorrow, May 22nd, customers using the shopkick mobile app will be rewarded simply for walking into any of the almost 1,300 Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores across the country. The rollout will make Best Buy the first of shopkick’s launch partners and first consumer electronics retailer to provide this “engaging mobile shopping experience” to its customers on a national scale.

Best Buy started trialing the service since last August when it was unveiled in 257 stores. Obviously that worked for them and now they’re going for the masses, rewarding them just for entering the store.

In case you don’t know, the shopkick app works in combination with the so called shopkick Signal, which is an inaudible sound emitted from a device located in each participating retailer, to verify that user is in the store, and reward him or her in the form of a currency called “kicks”. shopkick is especially proud about this patent-pending device, saying it work much better (it’s more precise) than GPS-based and check-in apps…

shopkick (FREE) [iTunes link] [Android Market link]

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