LG Optimus Pro and Optimus Net to ship with NFC capability in some markets

We’ve already covered LG’s two new mid-range Android smartphones – Optimus Pro and Optimus Net. If you recall, we said both will be pretty affordable and most likely sell like hot cupcakes on a cold winter day. Heck we even said the Optimus Net will supersede the popular Optimus One model and in that sense end-up in carriers’ portfolios all around the world.

However, there’s one thing we haven’t told you. LG’s official press release also mentions NFC capabilities these two devices will get in select markets. Unfortunately the Korean company doesn’t reveal which markets are those, but I guess it’s safe to bet we’re talking about North America and few countries of Western Europe.

Google on its end will undoubtedly promote contactless payments in the months to come with the Optimus Pro and Optimus Net helping the search giant bring compatible devices to more users. We’ll definitely follow where this goes and let you know as soon as something new comes up. Stay tuned…

[Via: EuroDroid]

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