Samsung Q: 5.3 inch tablet/phone hybrid may have foldable display

As you may have noticed, Samsung isn’t afraid of releasing products with large displays. While we’re inclined to choose the 4 inch mark for smartphones, Samsung’s Galaxy S 2 ships with a 4.3 inch display and since it’s so thin, it’s more manageable. Same goes for the Infuse 4G. Well, Sammy may have another product on its way, the Samsung Q, which is said to ship with a 5.3 inch display. The device is also said to be a hybrid of a phone and tablet but such a screen size would only not be functional when held to the face, but look just awkward. That said, would things be different¬† if the Samsung Q ships with the foldable AMOLED display we saw sometime ago?

When we first heard of the Q yesterday, there was little to go on but it wasn’t until I saw a post over at SamFirmware that the existence of the Q began to make sense. The video below shows Samsung’s demo of its foldable AMOLED display that is almost the same size of the rumored Q (5.4 inches vs 5.3) and seems to be the only way one may consider a device of this kind. Given that the demoed device is rather ugly, we do hope that Samsung has refined the design significantly.

While the AMOLED display itself is seamless, you’ll notice a line in the center. This is because of the two glass panels atop the screen and while it’s better than having an actual divider seen on the Echo, we’re wondering if Samsung has a way to make the experience as seamless as possible.

Either way, while this could just be a coincidence, we wouldn’t be surprised if this is what the Q turned out to be. We’d also imagine that the design will be dramatically altered and reflect the sexy look of the latest Galaxy S line. This is just one of the ways Samsung plans to take on the competition this year, and hopefully we’ll soon see this phone/tablet hybrid debut at IFA this September in Berlin.

If the Samsung Q does end up with this new tech, would you be interested?

[Via: SamFirmware]

  • I would use a straight 5″ screen. But i would like even better a foldable 7″ screen.

  • I think the best part of this design is the ability to use the phone in the folded position and to unfold for tablet use. Brilliant. I have a 5″ Dell Streak and just can’t imagine going to a smaller screen.

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