SoundHound for iPhone launches LiveLyrics so you can sing along

Taking a queue from Shazam’s LyricPlay, music ID service SoundHound has launched a new feature for their iOS app which lets you track a song’s lyrics in real time. Lyrics can be pulled up for songs you’ve identified playing nearby, or anything playing from your personal iTunes library. With LiveLyrics, you’ll be able to jump to any part of the song and have the lyrics tracking keep up. Currently a half-million tracks support the new feature, with the full mil expected to be supported by the end of the year.

SoundHound is a great app for music lovers. Basically, you tap a button, hold up your phone’s mic to music that’s playing in the room, and SoundHound comes back with artist information, track purchasing, sharing to Twitter or Facebook, YouTube videos, and lots of other relevant info. Recently, SoundHound added a feature that lets you simply speak an artist’s name to get results. SoundHound started off as Midomi, and though it followed the trail blazed by Shazam,  adding the ability to hum a song rather than requiring it to be playing.

The new lyrics feature is going live for both free and premium versions of SoundHound apps for iPhone and iPad in Canada and the U.S. Go ahead and get downloading at either of the app links below the video.

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