Adobe Flash Player for Android updated with security fixes and enhancements

Adobe has updated its Flash player for Android to version, which is said to fix a number of security issues while also providing several feature enhancements for certain phones and websites. Here’s what’s included in this release:

  • Enabled NEON optimizations for OMAP4 (Cortex A-9) based devices.
  • Corrected an issue on the Samsung Galaxy S where H.264 video at resolutions of 720p and below was not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where app packaging would fail for Android Apps using Flash Player in WebView that set android:hardwareAcceleration to True in their AndroidManifest.xml.
  • Fixed a crash on the HTC EVO that some users encountered with specific video.
  • Fixed an issue that caused video frames to stop rendering on long streaming videos on some Motorola devices.
  • Fixed an issue where touch events were getting delayed with games.
  • Fixed an issue where games on freeze when users exit from Full-Screen mode.

And you can get the full list of fixes from this page at Adobe’s website.

Flash Player 10.3 (FREE) [Android Market link]

[Via: AndroidCentral]

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