Mozilla launches its long awaited Firefox app for Honeycomb tablets

Mozilla announced the launch of its long-awaited Firefox app for Honeycomb tablets, which will “show the evolution of its phone based predecessor,” with some added enhancements. This new app, allows users to take advantage of the “Awesome Bar,” a tool that provides quick access to your favorite sites and bookmarks from within the URL bar.

Besides its Android Honeycomb look, app users will find no change in trademark Firefox UI details like the back button. Another noteworthy enhancement is the cool “tabs” interface that switches from sidebar to drop-down tabs menu based on which way you’re holding the device; the company put in a lot of effort in hiding all of its UI elements to free up the screen for unrestricted browsing.

Other functionality includes the ability for users to switch through tabs with their left thumb, and scroll through web content with their right. When it comes to portrait mode, the tab bar gets rolled up into a menu item at the top of the screen, to free up browsing space below.

Hopefully, this Firefox web browser for Android tabs is the answer Honeycomb users have looked for when it comes to a better web experience with productive features and stable functionality.

[Firefox blog via Business Insider]


  • AaronH

    Without Flash, it’s pretty, but useless. Give me a browser that supports Flash, add-ons, themes, multiple tabs, gestures, and I’ll use it. That’s why I use Dolphin browser, and why after a minute or two I deleted Firefox from my Phone.

    I probably won’t even bother installing it on my tablet until Mozilla gets off its ass and supports flash.

  • Senina Chung

    Seems good.

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