Schmidt: Google bought Motorola for more than just patents

Schmidt: Google bought Motorola for more than patents

Google Chairmain Eric Schmidt was at the keynote speech yesterday during’s Dreamforce convention and he swatted away a bit of conventional wisdom by saying that Google bought Motorola for more than just patents.

Google plans to spend $12.5 billion to acquire Motorola Mobility and many believed this was due to the patents Motorola owns because this could protect Android from the variety of infringement lawsuits it is facing. You can’t blame people for thinking this, as the official announcement had multiple hardware makers praising the deal because it would “protect Android.”

That did factor into the buy, but Schmidt said there is far more to the deal:

We did it for more than just patents. We actually believe that the Motorola team has some amazing products coming….We’re excited to have the product line, to use the Motorola brand, the product architecture, the engineers. These guys invested the RAZR. We know them well because they’re Google Apps users … [We like] having at least one area where we can do integrated hardware and software.

Schmidt is known to produce some gaffes mainly because he says things that are true but either shouldn’t be said or need to be phrased in a different way. I’m actually pleased that he said Google is going to go with integrated hardware and software to go directly after Apple and its iOS products.

[Via Business Insider]

  • this is a horrid idea!

  • Anonymous

    If he didn’t misspeak then he just did a great job of alienating other Android licensees and souring the Android ecosystem he helped create.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I think he was being real. Googorola does compete directly against HTC, Samsung and others. It has to. 

      • haha googorola really long name for a brand 

    • Anonymous

      I can just imagine what HTC and Samsung are thinking after these comments.

  • If Google really does intend to use Motorola to produce a phone much like Apple does then this will be the death of android.  I love android but it can not compete head to head with Apple.  The reason android has become so successful is do to the shear number of devices that are avali as well as their price points.  Favoring one OEM over another will simply lead the other manufactures to look for other mobile platforms to design for.  Furthermore the mobile space is the future for Google revenues why on earth would they want to limit the number of devices they run on to 1.

  • Sloppy

    The RAZR sucked hard. It looked cool. It was thin. And it did NOTHING else.

    • Anonymous

      Ha ha. Yep. It looked super duper cool but the software on that was extremely crappy. That’s pretty much all Moto phones until the Droid. 

  • Anonymous

    Dude does seem to know what the deal is.

  • Anonymous


  • Jerrywjh

    “Amazing products” !? let’s wait to see what they are… 

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