Nexus Prime announcement coming soon – like, really soon – 19th of October a possibility

Samsung and Google were supposed to take the stage yesterday and announce the next Nexus handset, the Nexus Prime. That obviously didn’t happen (yadda yadda yadda) and the delay may in fact be because of patent issues instead of Mr. Jobs’ death. Still, that’s no reason to believe that the handset isn’t on its way soon.

UK Sales Director for Samsung, Andrew Glass, had a little something to say about the handset that we’re all patiently awaiting at T3’s Gadget Awards when he was accepted Phone of the Year Award, the Galaxy S II.

“You will have an announcement of the Nexus Prime very shortly and will be seeing it in shops sooner than you think.”

While this is hardly a release date, it’s better than nothing. In fact, we heard a very similar response with someone familiar with the matter. “Sooner rather than later,” is what we heard, which is about as good as it’s going to get for now. This does make me think that we may see an announcement before the end of the month, easily. What we don’t know is if there will be more than one phone. We don’t care. We just want it.

The latest “source” close to the matter pegs the Prime’s announcement on the 19th of this month at the All Things: D conference in Hong Kong. This makes since, as Samsung may not want to have Google announce the handset on its home turf of Mountain View. Even if the rumor has no legs, we wouldn’t be surprised if we did see an announcement within the next two weeks.

We could easily just wait until the end of the day and roll all of the new Nexus Prime news  rumors into one post, as one follows another usually. We’ve definitely expressed our “feelings” towards Samsung in the last-minute change of plans but it does seem that more people are beginning to take notice of Google’s latest Nexus handset. While we seriously doubt that the Nexus Prime would slow the sales of Apple’s iPhone 4S, an on-time announcement could have put a nice dent into Apple’s marketing machine.

I’m ready to give Samsung my money and if the Nexus Prime wasn’t coming out soon they’d already have it, as the Galaxy S II is still one solid phone that is sure to impress. Still, the Nexus line in the best Android option you can get today and hopefully we don’t have much longer to find out where the Nexus Prime will be landing.

Just give it to me, Google. This hype shit works for Apple, not for Nexus.  We’re all sick of waiting.

[Via: AndroidGuys, Engadget]

  • Anonymous

    “Just give it to me, Google.” 
    That’s what she said.

  • Duma

    Samsung and google got word about the motorola razor and now they are running scared. LOL

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