Leak: Nokia Lumia 900 accidentally shown off by Nokia themselves

Several weeks before Nokia held their anual Nokia World event in London last month, we published a piece outlining the devices we thought would be announced. Now forgetting about the feature phones for a second, we absolutely nailed the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710, but there was one device, the Lumia 900, that never appeared. Codenamed Ace, the Lumia 900 was supposed to be Nokia’s first 4.3 inch smartphone. We started thinking, were our sources wrong or was Nokia just holding back the Lumia 900 for a future date? According to All About Phones the Lumia 900 does indeed exist, and they even have proof. Several days ago Nokia posted a video on YouTube aimed at developers that showed off an as yet to be announced Nokia device. That video has now been taken down, but not before the All About Phones folks were quick enough to download it and upload it to their own YouTube channel! Looking at the clip below, the Lumia 900 looks a lot like the recently announced Symbian Belle powered Nokia 700; it has the same chin.

So when are we going to see the Lumia 900? Chances are Nokia is going to unveil it in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We’re hoping that it’ll be able to connect to either AT&T’s or Verizon’s 4G LTE network. If that’s the case, then we can safely assume that Microsoft will also be announcing Windows Phone Tango during the same event. Tango is rumors to bring LTE support to the Windows Phone platform, as well as allow the OS to be put on devices with lower system specs. If our prediction is incorrect, and that at CES we’ll only see the North American version of the Lumia 800, then we’ll definitely see the Lumia 900 at Mobile World Congress in February.

Are you looking forward to a 4.3 inch Nokia Windows Phone?

  • Gregory C Newman

    I like this phones design. I like the fact that Nokia gives you a touch of color on their phones now if they would put some shinny silver chrome metal on the sides and on the blue color parts of the phones case it would have a more sophisticated look and sell better. I do not see a front facing camera  on this phone if Nokia is to make any great impact in selling windows smart phones in the USA they must very quickly have a model with one or else the Samsung Focus  S and the HTC Titan both of which I have tested at the Windows event here in Philly will sell the most phones

  • Anonymous

    This with 4G LTE in the states would be pretty awesome. 

  • Hogdriv3r

    Windows Phone may just bring Nokia back to life (back into the American market that is).

  • Li8

    If it was dualcore or any LTE I probably would bite. After my recently failed experiement with Android, honestly getting antsy just to find a decent smartphone out there.

  • mlewis

    Yes this is my phone! Can’t wait!

  • mlewis

    Yes this is my phone! Can’t wait!

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