iPhone survives 30 minutes underwater with NeverWet coating

NeverWet is an impressive new technology currently under development by Ross Nanotechnology and it involves a silicone-based coating that you can spray on just about anything to make it completely waterproof. In testing, scientists sprayed an iPhone with NeverWet and submerged it in water. Thirty minutes later, the iPhone was found completely dry and functional.

The technology works by repelling water and other liquid particles from the surfaces of objects once applied. It creates a small barrier of air in between the object and the liquid, so the two never actually come in contact with each other. “Water and heavy oils will just shoot off of it – chocolates, ketchup, mustard, all of that sort of thing,” said researcher Andy Jones. Ross Nanotechnology went as far as to place a piece of metal in a bucket of salt water for over a year. They took it out and it was still completely dry.

In addition to NeverWet extending into common household products and clothing in the future, it’s going to do wonders for our gadgets. Imagine dropping your phone or tablet in a pool and using it underwater without a case. A great amount of technology is being developed for mobile devices lately.

Invisible glass aims to reduce as much glare as possible, new lithium-ion batteries can hold a charge ten times longer than currently, and now NeverWet will repel liquids right off of our handsets. We are in for a bright future.

[via Core77]

  • Golden Shellback was doing this for gadgets a few years back

  • That is a nice spray. You could use that on just about anything. 

  • Seems to be BS. Writing a story about the company now.

    • SavageReindeer

      What did your story say?

  • That’s great and all, but will it repel fingerprints?

    • Good question. I’ll make a rough guess: no, but fingerprints will be noticeably easier to wipe off.

  • Superdaveseattle

    what happens if you don’t clean an electronic or clothing off before spraying it on, will dirt stay trapped underneath never to be able to be cleaned again?

  • eduardo

    where can you buy this?

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