Leak: Is this what the Nokia Lumia 900 will look like when it gets announced next month?

We’re less than a month away from CES, one of the biggest and busiest consumer electronics events on the face of the planet. It goes without saying that there’s going to be a few new phones announced. One of the handsets we’re most looking forward to is a Nokia Windows Phone. Whether it ends up being called the Lumia 900 or Lumia 800 4G LTE is up for debate, but rumors suggest that there’s currently just such a device being tested in both AT&T’s and Verizon’s labs. Several days ago, in episode 239 of Windows Weekly, Paul Thurrott of the SuperSite for Windows said that according to an internal document he has access to, AT&T is going to announce a Nokia Lumia device at CES.

The image you see below, provided by the folks at WMPowerUser, is supposedly what said device is going to look like. Now if you’re a bit confused because it looks remarkably similar to the Nokia Lumia 800, well what did you expect? Nokia has a winning design on their hands, so why not recycle it when shipping their flagship device across the pond? As for the specs of this thing, it’s supposedly packing a 4.3 inch AMOLED screen, 8 megapixel camera, has 4G LTE, and most importantly it’s running Windows Phone Tango, which is an upgrade to the currently shipping Windows Phone Mango, better known as version 7.5.

We don’t have any idea what Tango brings to Windows Phone other than a rumor that says it adds support for 4G LTE and the ability for handset vendors to use lower resolution screens. That makes a lot of sense since Nokia is all about getting their smartphones to hit every price point between $100 and $600. We’re likely to see such low end Windows Phones at Mobile World Congress. They don’t make sense in the American market since operators subsidize their devices.

  • Gregory C Newman

    if the above windows smartphone is indeed the mysterious Nokia 900 and it has a front facing camera and a 4.3 amoled screen as it reported to have then it will be the best of the best Windows phone 7.5 mango smart phones. We are looking at the True Nokia Flag ship  windows phone 7.5 mango smartphone everyone has been looking for Nokia bring to the market place.  I predict it will sell very well.I know I would buy it without hesitation. What do you folks out in internet land think of it?

    • quintus murray

      Trust me this is quite embarrassing to say the least all the hype 
      and this is the best they can do so sad. Looks like I will be smashing my old nokia N85 to pieces then ok ppl how do you want me to do it?a)Fire b)toilet punishment c)hammer time d) throw it into the ocean  e)body slam 
      f)stomp stomp
      g)4th of july bang 

      Vote ppl the punishment with the most votes will be done on youtube by me personally DEATH TO OLD PHONE!!!!!!!!

  • Wp7 is the most boring OS

    Even Samsung Bada Outsells wp7

  • Wp7 has failed Even Samsung Bada OS Outsells wp7

  • munts

    Having held the n9 version of this phone (the same lumia 800 exterior design) gotta say I am a under whelmed with this phone design. It is thick compare to the market leaders, granted not by much and thinner than some, it has some sharp edges to it….and it looks well like a plasticine toy…like something you would give to a teenage girl!! There is no WOW factor to it…in my mind the best handset design out there at the moment is the sony experia arc…thin,slight curved bottom to fit in your hand, not too wide and not too many sharp edges. Modern,elegant,sophisticated….something Nokia hasn’t been for a long time!!! Just my thoughts (oh have seen design on you tube for the Nokia lumia 900 which fits this criteria…not sure official design but damn it looked real good…Nokia if your listening!!!)

  • EasyBoy

    Nokia released the Lumia 800 on November 2011, it has no memory expansion slot, though I’m fine with the internal 16 GB, having no front videocam is the reason why most people are not buying the Lumia 800.  Nokia will announce the Nokia 900 in January 2012 (Just 2 months later), if this is the company that will save Windows Phone, better not count on it.  When the Lumia 900 finally releases, the iPhone 5 will closely follow (Or maybe earlier).

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