Rumor: Nokia Lumia 719, 900, and Windows Phone Tango launching at CES

Take the following rumors with a huge mountain of salt. Someone in Finland who claims to be a Nokia employee tipped off DGui with some key information about Nokia’s product lineup at CES next month and the future of Windows Phone. Said anonymous source believes that Nokia will show off two devices at CES. One we already know about quite extensively, the Lumia 900. It’s supposed to look similar to the Lumia 800, but have a 4.3 inch screen and 4G LTE connectivity. The other device is one we’ve never heard about, the Lumia 719. Judging by that model number alone, it’s likely better than the currently shipping Lumia 710, but honestly that’s just a guess. As for Windows Phone, we’re going to see the next version, codenamed Tango, debut at CES. The unnamed alleged Nokia employee says Tango adds support for 4G LTE, smaller screens, and lower end processors. That’s exactly what we’ve been reporting for months now.

As for what’s after Tango, the source goes on to say that it’s called Apollo and that it’s on track to be delivered to handset makers in June. Apollo adds support for near field communication, dual core processors, and high resolution screens. The first Nokia Apollo Windows Phones will be shown off at an event called Nokia Connection. To make things even more interesting, the source says that Nokia will also debut a Windows 8 tablet at the same event. For what it’s worth, last year Nokia Connection took place in late June in Singapore.

Is any of this real or is this bullshit? The Lumia 900, Tango, Apollo, and each of their respective features, plus news about the Windows 8 tablet shipping in June, are things we’ve already heard about before. The only new information here is the Lumia 719 and the event where we’re going to see Nokia’s first Apollo phones and their Windows 8 tablet. The folks at DGui can confirm that the IP address that was used to transmit this information originates from Finland, so … we just have to wait and see folks!

  • Gregory C Newman

    I’m tired of rumors but they are interesting . Nokia seems to be on track to get the Apollo class windows smart phones out
    The Apollo class Windows smart phones will be technologically as good as the Iphone or the Android smart phones they will shut up the mouths of all the anti Windows metro UI smart phone trolls who are out there who say Windows smart phones are not as good as theirs.  The question that goes through my mind is do Microsoft and Nokia and the other Windows smart phone OEMs know how to properly advertise their product For people to consider buying your product for sale it has to seen and heard about in the public sector as much 
    as you can afford to do. Microsoft and it’s Windows Metro UI smart Phone OEM’s have to do huge advertising campaigns to overcome the fact that smart phone Sales People out there in the Past have been directing People to Iphones Or Android smart phones. The only way I think Microsoft and it’s Windows smart phone OEM’s can get around this is to take their case to the People by saturation multi media advertisements about the Windows Smart phones. I wish them good luck and success with that mission what do you folks out there in the Internet land think?

    • Does anyone use wp7?

      • Noooo…it’s purely a marketing gimmick perpetrated by Microsoft and Nokia because they are so far ahead of the game and have time to waste on an imaginery OS.

        • quintus murray

          love the sarcasm they are FAR BEHIND to tell the truth they are just bluffing till apollo comes

      • Anonymous

        plan next year, i’ll wear his nokia WP. if i had money of course

      • It seems like they’ve sold 2 million in last 90 days. Big kicker will be Windows 8 phones and tablets that integrate with other Microsoft cloud and enterprise applicatiosn and services. Any small to large enterprise not desriing to incur the expense of building an IT data center infrasturcture can certainly use Microsofts cloud applications (CRM, ERP nad Office 365) now coming online and only incur administration and user support expenses. Apple’s all about consumer design and envy while Microsoft’s all about enterprise functioanlity and extensibility. Different audiences and objectives.

      • quintus murray

        dumb question quite a few but I am not gonna be one of em till apollo shows up

    • ion baciu

      I think we should do our part, and we already are, here. Buy the product, tell friends about it. Apple didn’t just make a phone, they used all the tricks possible. Google doing the same through their engine. The press is bought. But it can hold only so long.

    • quintus murray

      can’t wait for apollo now I get to see the true powers of windows phone in a fair equal hardware comparison with android beast with the same specs or similar now we shall see who is the true champion till then we will never know for sure.

  • Anonymous

    increasingly curious about look of the nokia lumia 900 & 719. approximately will be when the released of this phone?

  • I’m waiting to upgrade Nokia 6xxx to Nokia 900 with WP7.5 and get an Xbox to see how home entertainment and Windows 8 tablet integration will work. Microsoft should be able to integrate the home like they did the enterprise by end of 2012. t’ll be fun to play with while enjoying other retirement toys (autos, boats, investing, pools, travel, etc.) after spending 45 years in enterprise IT.

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