Reuters confirms that Nokia will launch two Windows Phones on Monday

According to a recently published Reuters report, Nokia will announce two Windows Phones on Monday, the 27th of February, otherwise known as the first day of Mobile World Congress. The first device will be a global variant of the Lumia 900 (pictured below, left) that Nokia announced at the Consumer Electronics Show last month. The second will be the Lumia 610, which is said to be “cheaper” than other Windows Phones. That’s all their report said, now here’s what the rumors say: that global Lumia 900 will look exactly like the Lumia 900 due to land on AT&T, except that it’s not going to have 4G LTE. Another tweak is that instead of shipping with an 8 megapixel camera, this new updated model will have a 12 megapixel shooter. People are calling it the Lumia 910, but that name can change. As for the Lumia 610, most everyone is assuming it’s going to use Windows Phone Tango, the next as yet to be announced version of Windows Phone that’ll enable handset vendors to make handsets with low end specifications. The Lumia 610 will likely have a 3 megapixel camera, 256 MB of RAM, and we sadly don’t know anything yet about the screen resolution.

Now those are just two devices. According to our sources, Nokia is going to release six handsets. Besides the two Windows Phones, one other smartphone is expected running Symbian Nokia Belle. Some call it the Nokia 803, others call it the Nokia 808, all we know is that it’s going to have the words “Pure View” attached to its name. We also know that it’s going to be the long over due to successor to the Nokia N8, which will turn 16 months old next week. As for the other three remaining devices, they’re all going to be feature phones that most people reading this article won’t actually care about. We’ll cover them when they get announced though, for the sake of being comprehensive.

  • Phones with specs of yesterday, my HTC trophy is certainly better.

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