Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 banned in all 27 European member states

Just when you thought Apple suing Samsung over this whole Galaxy Tab thing was over, think again. The mega tech company has gotten the German court to extend the ban on the 7.7-inch Galaxy Tab from being sold across the entire European Union. This news comes after the EU’s ruling that allowed Samsung to continue to sell its larger version Galaxy Tab 10. The judge handling the case boldly stated that the Samsung Galaxy Tab was not “as cool” as the iPad, but also ordered Apple to publicly acknowledge for six months that Samsung didn’t copy its product.

So even though the courts cleared the 10-inch tab, the smaller 7.7-inch version wasn’t as lucky. The ban goes in effect today, and spreads throughout all 27 European member states. Ouch. Of course, Samsung was disappointed about the ruling, but stated it’ll be taking legal actions in defense of its intellectual property rights.

We must keep in mind that these rulings aren’t final, as they’re only preliminary injunction requests from Apple delivered down by the court. A trial must happen in order to get any kind of details when it comes to infringement claims. The patent system can be described best as a seesaw. Expect Samsung to do something to get the injunction temporarily lifted.

[via cnet]

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    Some germany court cannot ban product in all European countries.

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