AT&T considering buyout of a European carrier, says report

AT&T building

AT&T is living up to its Death Star logo, as the carrier is rumored to be actively pursuing a merger or acquisition of a European phone company. According to The Wall Street Journal, the second largest cell provider in the United States is looking to expand in the European market to gain a competitive advantage.

The Journal’s sources told the publication that discussions about a possible acquisition of a European carrier are still in the premature stages, and that a deal could be announced before the end of the year — of course, assuming if anything goes down.

AT&T has to consider two probabilities both good and bad. A Europe venture could allow the company to quickly upgrade network technology and introduce more profitable pricing schemes, here in the states and in Europe. Furthermore, the company could lead in 4G/LTE in a country who is now rolling out the service in a snail-like pace. However, it could also bring failure thanks to a much vibrant European market that has hundreds of competitors. Not to mention, industry regulations is completely different across the Atlantic.

We have no idea what AT&T is planning behind closed doors, but the Journal’s sources say Dutch company Royal KPN NV and the UK’s Everything Everywhere “are on AT&T’s radar.” The Death Star has also singled out Germany as a potential market, sources said.

This is all speculation, so we need to take this with a grain of salt, no matter who the source is. As always, we’ll keep you posted on any new developments.

[WSJ; via The Verge]




  • No! AT&T should stay out of Europe. American telcos don’t even grasp that in Europe a telephone comes free with a contract (starting at ~ €40 inc. unlimited calls, texts and 1+GB data)

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