Strategy Analytics: 5G race has already begun

Strategy Analytics: 5G race has already begun

Strategy Analytics says that industry players should lose no time to position for the 5G race. According to their findings, companies starting now will be able to influence the definition of the requirements for the new generation systems, while making sure their R&D spend translates into strong 5G patent positions.

Samsung is the latest industry player to have announced its 5G demonstration, while traditional leaders in the radio transmission technology area, Ericsson and NTT DoCoMo, revealed their progress in 5G research. Chinese players are active as well, having formed an industrial group to promote R&D of 5G technology.

The research firm’s Senior Analyst for Wireless Networks & Platforms Guang Yang thinks that the official process of 5G standardization will be launched in 2015-2016 time frame, to be kicked off at ITU-R WRC-15. In that sense, all existing “5G” activities are only a warm-up before the official process. He went to add: “But these warm-up activities are important for the industry to build technical consensus and to prepare the ecosystem. It is also a key period for the technology giants in the industry to predict the core components of the future system and to secure related patents.”

As you would imagine, 5G is all about improved data transmission rates though there are other requirements as well, including support for a higher number of connected devices, longer battery life, and reduced end-to-end latency…

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